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Alex Ford

Professor Simonsen
English 2010
Reality Bus
It has to be said. This story is not about any local transit
systems. Come to think of it. I havent taken the bus in this country.
Well there I go getting off topic again. Staying on topic has never been
my strong suit especially as of late. I might as well get myself a scope
and re-attune my tonal center.

(tune) Mom started to grow her wings to prepare for her next
journey. This story would be static if I started at that time for thats
when I didnt have a voice. I was more or less a shell at the end of July
ready to be filled with whatever hermit crab of information filled it.
(Arpeggiated D Chord) So I might as well start to the month after.
When I started to move forward. (c arp and d resolv)

(over tones) Just preparing to start my school day at the morrow

(D chrom step up and back) I decided something refreshing. (single
overtone) Rollerblading.
(2D) I woke early at the peak of dawn,(slow D arp) at the sunrise. I
knew that this prequel to the beginning of my life after death would be
a livening segue (skeleton G up down to a-sus) to push me to a better

Alex Ford
Professor Simonsen
English 2010
It all started at 7:00am for the first time in months I got to see
the brilliance of a Wasatch sunrise. My skates were gliding under me
propelling to where this dead-end street found its nascence. I could
take any turn I chose at the entrance of where cars cruised passively.
Why has my mind been so dark lately? I thought aloud.
Then the sun blinded me in a non-subtle statement of irony. I laughed
as my retinas started to reshape my surroundings. Everything started
to become a little more apparent and lucid in my mind. I knew I was
Why wouldnt I be? I scoffed growing impatient with my ineptitude to
even realize I was wearing full protection in case I ever fell. ( uphigh
chromatic eccel.) With this flustered realization I was prepared for my
next challenge.

There it was! The dangerous hill I had ventured so many a time. I

began to pick up speed and my heart raced fast as the cars that
throttled elsewhere. My wheels turned to a blur as the morning fall chill
lapped its crisp breath to my face. Coy smirk. This challenge was far
too easy. (d low part riff jam)

I crouched in anticipation of the first street, ready for any

automaton to pop its steely silvered bumper my way. A quick glance

Alex Ford
Professor Simonsen
English 2010
and I swooped past, neon-green boots casting a unique color to the
bland milieu. With slant as swift as ease I proved to myself I had
identity to press forward. Even though I knew I could fly independently.
(decrescendo deccel. ) I could still buy a little help from my friends.

(4th and 5th strings downward like rain)

The warm proverbial sunrise rained rays upon my glinted, faded
denim irises. I knew that I always missed moms warm smile and loving
embrace but, reassuringly I could imagine her pushing at my back to
catch the sun.

A passage through the coniferous towering oaks and I met the

ivied face of a home away from home I knew all too well. I stormed in
the usual bellow
Im home!
And came the smiling visage of Marc turning from his swivel chair in
full biking apparel.
Boy! You ready for the ride of your life? He mused in a fake old
westerner accent.
Quoting the cool-aid man I exclaimed Oh yeah!

(intro upbeat self-made progression)

Alex Ford
Professor Simonsen
English 2010

After that stop I began to realize loneliness was never an issue

and those who could be there would be there through difficult
passages. We flew past farm streets and over fissured concrete and
overcame difficult roads as a confident duo that didnt wait for
anything to bring us down. (E major resolve) We had rhythm.

The apartments loomed in the distance appearing rapidly to

view. Marc and I look at each other knowing all too well our next
member for our just travels toward the unknown. ( D ascend 9/4
signature) Sporting another trendy hand-me-down red boot bladed
glory, another anchor of my healing friendship circle poised his slender
masculinity to join us. Cosman peered an obnoxious grin claiming his
position in this crazy spontaneous bro-party.

(fast DGCEA major progression)

We climbed our way out of the populated suburbs to the boonies
on a long arduous trek along magnificent post-summer baked
countryside. Finally exhausted we storm my cousin Jonathans domain
pleasantly surprising him and exposing his friendly demeanor from his
towering presence.

Alex Ford
Professor Simonsen
English 2010
(deccel arpeggiated chromatic conclusion)
We all drank sodas and toasted to random things that didnt
make sense. All in all creating the best memory to look back on. The
day I began to heal.

(no music)
I arrived back home that day and embraced my loved ones.
Sometimes events on the road of life dont stop at the places you
expect. Stations you stop at, the people you meet all form to make the
little bus youre riding in. Im pretty sure mom would be proud to see
this neat figurative bus everyone I love has made together.