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Social action

Reach across

Alex O'Neill - NDCMP Y1

Unit : 31

Reach Across :
In this presentation I am going to pitch my idea for social action on
Reach Across. They are a cross - community youth group. I will tell you
about their aims and objectives, courses they provide , residentials' ,
the leaders and volunteers who work there and the struggles the face
with funding

Aims & Objectives :

Reach across was formed in September 1995 in response to the demand for a year round cross - community youth
group in the Western Region of Northern Ireland. The youth group focuses on 14-17 year olds from the Derry area ,
Tyrone and Fermanagh.

There aims & objectives include :

To provide young people from recognized areas of disadvantage with personal development opportunities, such
as outdoor activity training, social education courses, community relations awareness, and the promotion of active
To offer accreditations and new qualifications to young people in the formal and non-formal sectors, together with
shared learning opportunities.
To reduce polarization, build positive peer relationships, and contribute to attitudinal change in relation to
sectarianism and racism.
To provide safe environments in which young people can integrate during school terms and outside of school in
order to respectfully share their personal values and beliefs.
To facilitate the development of a shared community where young people wish to learn, live, work, and play
together and be respectful of all citizens.
To increase the skills-base, employability, and self-confidence of members and to highlight the social and
economic benefit of positive citizenship.

Courses :
Reach provide a wide range of courses open to their members and volunteers. They
range from OCN Level 1s and 2s to certificates of completion and also provide you with
the opportunity to achieve the Millennium Volunteers Award.
Some courses that they have provided in the past include :
Sexual Health & Relationships
OCN Level 1 in Community Relations
OCN Level 2 in Community Relations
City & Guilds Level 1 in Employability
Child Protection Training
First Aid Certificate.

Residentals' :
Reach across provide spring and summer camps in which you head away for a couple of days to do outdoor
and indoor activities, this is also to work on team building skills and integrate with other members who are
from different social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds than you. They rely on funding to be able to take the
young people away on these trips as they cost a lot of money as all residentals' are all inclusive and
although members pay a fee to go on these trips it would cost more if funding was not available.
Some places they go to include :


Ulster American Folk Park

Some of the activities include :

Raft building
Kayaking & canoeing
Outdoor adventure trails
Team building games
And many more...


Members Night :
Members night happens every Thursday night up
in their building at Bishop Street. Members from all
over gather at 7pm to 9:30pm to integrate and
socialize. There are three large plasma televisions
on each wall in the basement where everyone
gathers and some nights there will be a games
competition in which you move from one activity to
another, they can be playing the Xbox , pool table
and obstacle courses. Every Thursday night there
is a short agenda which Barney a leader goes
through a PowerPoint which lets the members
know about upcoming activities , Trips , Events ,
Residentals' , and opportunities that can benefit
them educationally.

Funding :
Reach have had a lot of trouble with funding recently, there are
so many youth organizations across Northern Ireland but Reach
is the only cross - community youth group in Derry. The
volunteers and leaders do not get paid for the time and effort
they put in to making Reach such an outstanding organization. If
they do not receive enough funding soon, they will have to close
down as they have to pay rent for their premises , trips away ,
courses to receive qualifications , internationals and thats just
the start.

Conclusion :
In conclusion to my pitch if Reach were to have a social action
presentation made about them I think it would increase awareness
about the lack of funding the organization is getting and how much they
desperately need it. Not only would it increase awareness about funding
but it would also show people what a wonderful youth group this is and
how it benefits the community by bringing young people from different
areas together which helps them gain social skills , team building skills
and also prevents the sectarian split that Derry knows all to well.

Alex O'Neill

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