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Name: Luke Franse

Course: EDU 2800 08

Internet Searches for 6th Grade History

1. http://www.uni.edu/schneidj/webquests/WWIIChildren/wb25/Intro_.html
This is a great website for students to begin to learn about WW2. It begins
with an overview, a basic summary of the webquestss purpose. Then it has
some first person letters by children around the world, with the purpose of
exposing the different perspectives of kids their age around the world at the
time. It comes with printouts and activities as well, helping the teacher give
the experience some depth, and it is also more convenient. At the end of
each section, it helps students develop their critical thinking skills.
2. https://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/zimmermann/
The Zimmerman telegram, as you know, is not just one of the reasons the US
got into WW2. It is the CATALYST, and should be read to get a further
understanding of the relationships between the countries in the world at the
time. It not only shows the encrypted version of the telegram, which could be
an activity on its own, but also the decrypted one. This is a great example of
a primary document, which is important for a teacher to share with their
students in a history class as it gives an uncensored view of history. The site
is a very valuable resource.
3. http://ww2cartoons.org/
This website offers a satirical expression of WW2. It lets the students know
what a political cartoon is, and political cartoons generally look at events
from a neutral/outsider perspective. These ones in particular depict things
like the holocaust, and the flawed logic behind the persecution of the jews.
Others may take a look at the irony of collateral damage. One thing is for
sure, they will capture the interest of the learner.
4. https://prezi.com/zsydh9gxafee/world-war-ii/
Lets be honest here, who has the time to make their own prezis (oh my god, I
swear I made my own chapter presentation please dont expel me)? Quite a
few teachers are using online resources directly in order to teach their
students. This presentation was very nice, as it had an introduction video to
recap some important events in WW2. It then goes into the details, talking
about Hitler, an important figure, and methods used in the war, such as

blitzkrieg (the bombardment of Britain at night by German airships), and as

you can tell it is very informative. Finally, it very aesthetically pleasing to
5. https://www.teachervision.com/world-war-2/teacher-resources/6680.html
Teachervision is the ultimate resource. It has information on the topic, which
is the most important aspect of the site, but it offers so much more. There are
layouts for the ways your lesson could execute. There are printable handouts
for your students. There are resources galore, some primary and some
secondary based on information found after the war. The site itself offers
much to do, ranging from the experienced teacher to the inexperienced one.