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Works Cited

1. Jesuits. The Jesuits, n.d. Web. 20 Oct. 2015

The Jesuits webpage provides background information on a group that
may have played a significant role in the sinking of the Titanic. With
this source I was able to gain perspective on what the Jesuits claim
they are. A lot of the information I used from this web page can be
found in The Titanic and the Federal Reserve Section. The Jesuits are
a religious group of Roman Catholics that preach that they dedicate
ourselves to the greater glory of God." The Jesuits were founded in
1534 by Ignatius de Loyola, a soldier turned priest.
2. Maltin, Tim, narr. Titanics Final Mystery. Dir. Nigel Levy. Smithsonian,
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Tim Maltin does an excellent job in providing details on the Titanic and
the events that occurred the night that it sunk. He provides many
examples of why many of the stories that people tell do not add up. I
used a lot of the information that he gave in the documentary for my
Background Information section and for The Facts section. The
documentary was distributed by Smithsonian, a group of museums and
research centers administered by the Government of the United States,
founded in 1846 by Joseph Henry, James Smithson, and Joel Roberts
3. Newsboy Ned Parfett sells his papers in front of the White Star Lines
London offices, April 16, 1912. n.d. Smithsonian. Smithsonian National
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4. "Titanic Conspiracy, Investigating the Titanic Conspiracy." Titanic
Universe. Titanic Universe, 2013. Web. 20 Sept. 2015.
At Titanic Universe you can find lots of useful information on virtually
anything Titanic related. With this article I was able to acquire lots of
information about the Titanic being switched with the Olympic. There was
a lot of solid evidence that backed up my claim that the Titanic was
switched with the Olympic. This source will be mainly used in the sections
titled The Facts and Why Switch the Titanic. I use some of their
evidence that shows that the ship that set sail and was known as the
Titanic was actually the Olympic. I will use this source to help me point
out the structural differences between the two ships as well. Titanic
Universe is a website that collects articles from various sources all related
to the Titanic.

5. World Phelps, Eric. Jon. Vatican Assassins Wounded in the House of My

Friends. Pennsylvania: Halcyon Unified Services, 2000. Print
The information in this book provides lots of information about the Jesuits.
The author talks about all of the conspiracies that the Jesuits are involved
in. My focus was on the section where he discussed the Jesuits
involvement with the Titanic Tragedy. I used this source for one quote that
I used in the section titled The Titanic and the Federal Reserve. I used
the quote to show that the Jesuits convinced the captain to sacrifice
himself for the Jesuits by sinking the Titanic. The quote shows how
manipulating the Jesuits were. Eric Jon Phelps is the author of the book.
He is an author and protagonist that preach his anti- New World order
6. Makia Freeman. The Sinking of the Titanic: Another RothschildRockefeller-Morgan Conspiracy? The Freedom Articles. The Freedom
Articles, 2014. Web. 20 Oct. 2015.
This article provided lots of important information and incite on The
Titanic conspiracy involving the Federal Reserve. Lots of important
information such as who specifically was involved in the sinking of the
Titanic, what factors played a significant role and why anybody would
be interested in sinking the Titanic. The source provides lots of names
of the specific people involved as well. I am going to use this source in
the Was it the Titanic that sunk? and The Titanic and the Federal
Reserve section. I am using these sources to provide my evidence
that a third party factor was involved in the sinking. The Freedom
Articles is a website with articles that provides many articles on
conspiracy theories. The editor of the article is Makia Freeman. Makia
Freeman has conducted research for ToolsForFreedom.com and for the
Freedom Articles speaking of truth, and conspiracy.

8. Titanic. History. A&E Television Network, 2015. Web. 6 Nov. 2015.

History.com gives much of the important background information with the
Titanic. The article titled Titanic on this site gives the whole story of the
Titanic from where it was built to when it sunk and important up to date
information that has been recently acknowledged. It provides important
structural information as well. I am planning to use this source main in
the section titled Background Information. I will use it to give me more
information of the story of the Titanic step by step. I plan to use facts that
are true but are not part of my actual argument. History is owned by A+E
Network and was launched in 1995. History is well known for being an

American basic cable and satellite television station. The show features
many scientists and history experts that tell the story while the network
provides the broadcasting and editing to share the stories they tell.
9.Titanic Conspiracy. Titanic Universe. Titanic Universe, 2013. Web. 8
Nov. 2015.
Titanic Universe is a great place to find any information about the Titanic.
This article in particular provides lots of information on the role that the
Jesuits played in the plan to sink the Titanic. The article also gives a great
overview of the Federal Reserves role in sinking the Titanic. This
Information is used in the The Titanic and the Federal Reserve section. I
am using this source to help back up my claims that blame many people
who were involved with the Federal Reserve and Jesuits were responsible
for sinking the Titanic. Titanic Universe is a website that collects articles
from various sources all related to the Titanic.
10. Karlinsky, Neal. Scientists Say Tiny Flaws May Have Caused Titanics
Rapid Demise. ABC News. ABC News Internet Ventures, 2015.
Web. 6 Nov. 2015.
This source provided lots of unique insight on the structural flaws of the
ship that was discovered where the Titanic was said to have sunk.
Metallurgy experts identify these errors and make for a reliable source.
They even simulated an experiment that demonstrated how much weight
the boat should have held verses how much weight it was able to hold
with the faulty rivets. I am going to use this source for the section titled
The Typical Titanic Story. I use the source to show that the ship did sink
because of structural errors. I then discuss why this back up my claim in
the following paragraph titled The Facts, to demonstrate how this article
helps proves that the ship that sunk was not the Titanic. ABC, also known
as the American Broadcasting Company provides up to date news. Disney
Media networks own the company and the president of ABC News is
writer, journalist and producer Ben Sherwood.