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Marissa Santiago

November 23, 2015

Dr. Conte, ACB
Makefield Elementary School
Mrs. Genzel, Kindergarten
The Sense of Touch Day 1
1. Title or Topic of the lesson and Grade Level
Title: The Sense of Touch Day 1
Grade Level: Kindergarten
2. Lesson Guiding Question(s):
What do you use to touch different objects?
What are different textures of touch?
What objects represent these textures?
3. Standards: Identify the appropriate standards that you will assess in this lesson.
RL.K.1 With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a
4. A. Learning Goals (Behavioral Objectives) and Assessments:
Learning Objectives


Students will be able to understand

that they use their skin to touch.

Teacher will have a discussion talking

about how students are able to feel
different objects with your skin, this
includes your face to your feet.

Students will understand there are

different textures that they touch.

Students will be given their own hand

including five different forms of texture.
The students will then place objects
under the appropriate texture.

5. Materials:
Soft and Smooth, Rough and Bumpy: A Book About Touch by Dana Rau
Read aloud book
Paper hands
waxed paper


6. Pre-lesson assignments and/or prior knowledge:

Students will know that they use skin to touch objects.
Students will know that touch is one of the Five Senses.
Students will know different textures of objects.
7. Lesson Beginning:
The trigger song will be played to signify the start of the five senses unit. The teacher
will start a conversation discussing by asking What body part do we use to touch?
The teacher will then tell the students that this book will describe different textures that
we are able to touch.
The teacher will read the book
8. Instructional Plan:
After the read aloud the students will be dismissed to their table by table color. As they
are walking back to their table, the teachers will pass out the necessary objects and the
hands the students will be using.
The teacher will then tell the definition of texture. (This word along with the definition will
be pasted on the palm of the hand.)
One each of the fingers there are five different words for texture. These included Soft,
Smooth, Rough, Hard, and Bumpy. The students are going to touch the objects so they
know what they feel like. The teacher will then ask the students Which one of these
objects is rough? The teacher will call on two or three students to get their answers.
The teacher will then give the appropriate answer after the class has come to a
consensus. The teacher will repeat this procedure for each of the texture.
o Differentiation:
The teacher will add pictures, if necessary, to the different types of textures if the
student does not understand the word.

o Questions: List key open-ended questions you are going to pose in each activity.
Consider Blooms Taxonomy as you write your questions.
What body part do use to touch?
What does rough feel like?
What does smooth feel like?
What does soft feel like?
What does hard feel like?
What does bumpy feel like?
What does this object feel like?

o Instructional Management:
Students will be dismissed from the rug to their table by table color.
The teachers will prepare all relevant material before the lesson.
o Transitions:
The teacher will remind the student to think about the book, if the students are unable to
describe the texture of their object.
9. Closure:
The teacher will have the students put their hand in their cubby. The students will then
walk to their rows for the days sing-a-long.
The teacher will then play a video titled Touch! A Five Senses Song