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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in EDLE & CUIN

Date: 11/1/2015

Topic Selected:
What does the research say about advantages and disadvantages of distance
What does the literature/research say about this issue/topic? By using NAU
Library or Online Search engines, conduct a literature review.

You need to include 5 different sources (book, journal article, web article
etc.) in your review. Try to use current sources as much as possible.

You need to summarize and synthesize your sources by discussing a

common theme or issue.

You don't need to critique your sources

You don't need to evaluate your sources (if the sources are trustworthy,
weather the author has a bias or not)

You need to provide background information such as history and


Brief Literature Review:

A big advantage of distance learning via Internet is that this type of instruction
can be used by several groups of people who need instruction: pupils, university
students, employed persons as well as those who want to re-enter their jobs after
time away.
A student who cannot go to school due to an illness has the chance of following
the instruction at home and therefore has no disadvantages with respect to his
fellow students.
The same principle applies to a university student who spends a semester or one
year abroad distance learning enables him to attend the courses at his home
Employees are able to increase and update their specific knowledge at their
place of employment. Perhaps they even have the opportunity to graduate from a
university, without being constrained by schedules.
Flexible time management is especially important for mothers who want to work
in their former jobs after their maternity leave, as the job market often changes
drastically within a short time. They have the opportunity to further their
professional skills while their children are in kindergarten, school, or in bed.
Many feel that post-secondary education should be an experience which
includes more than just classroom learning. Distance education lacks the on-

campus atmosphere and college experience that for some is one of the main
reasons for attending. There is an increasing variety of accredited courses
available through distance education; however, there are some programs that still
require in-class work such as hands-on practical applications and
experimentation, etc.

What is your personal opinion on this issue? Do you agree with the
research? If you agree or disagree, please explain why?
Provide examples/experiences regarding this issue from school
perspective or If you are not working in a school, from your profession. Be
specific with your examples. You can mention software/hardware names,
specific methods that you plan to use, etc.
How would you implement this research in your career? (At least 1

I think, distance learning is most useful way for adults with busy for their daily life with
jobs and kids. They want to get higher education but at the same time they have to do a
lot of things. Distance learning students are self motivated and independent learners.
Distance learning students can reach their class seven days and 24 hours. Whenever
they have time they can finish their study until due date of the assignments. In addition
they will add more experiences on their experience by communicating the classmates
from all around the word, by using online discussions and assignments. In distance
education the thing is flexible time management. Other thing is tuition fees are less then
to take face to face class. Also, by not going to school students are earning time, to earn
money. In digital learning environment students can reach every different types of
knowledge by clicking one button.
I believe that distance education will be most preferable education style in this coming
first decade.

Cite at least 5 References in APA.

You may use http://www.citationmachine.net/apa/cite-a-journal for citing
your sources in APA style.


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