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The Definition of Psycholinguistics

Psycholinguistics gets to the heart of what we do with language. It
provides insight into how we connect our own speech and writing; how we
understand that of others; into how we store and use vocabulary; into how we
manage to reach language in the first place; and into how language can make us
fail. Then we can conclude that psycholinguistics is the study of psychological
and neurobiological factors that enable humans to acquire, use, comprehend, and
produce language.
Psycholinguistics is cross-disciplinary study in nature with an
overlapping area that includes phonetics, discourse analysis, language pathology,
neuroscience, computer modeling, and language teaching pedagogy (Field 2004:
The Benefit Studying Psycholinguistics




English Learner
Knowing better to achieve
language acquisition.
We have our strategies that
different one to another for
achieving language acquisition.
Giving the right input and output
to be successful in learning
Making the good environment for
supporting in learning language

English Future Teacher

Developing and improving some
task for student based on student
language acquisition.
Using some technique in teaching
English as foreign language for our
future student.
Giving some stimulates in language
learning that are different one
student to another.
Creating the good environment that
supports in language learning for
student during teaching.
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