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Student-Teacher: Reem Hisham

Date: 25- Oct,2015

two Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 1
Subject: English
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
1- Be able to identify reading story.
2- Be able to say the new vocabulary with understand means.
3- Student will be able to difference between places and people, speaking time.
4- Student will be able to ordering the story events with using their memory.

Time: 30 min Small

Time: 10 min Whole

- Using PowerPoint related to the story
"Around me"
- Flash cards of word bank related to the
story. (whole class)
- Use the workbook. (individual)
- Using worksheets in different levels as
- Puzzle game related to the story with
describing it.

Preparation (what do you need to do/make befo

- Revise my family unit by My family song.
- Ask them about their around them. "What d
you see around you?"

Key vocabulary/ Target Language

- do, family, go, to , my, see
- classmates, home, tree, waiting, climb up,

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

(Circle time):

- Let children sing the weekly song and say the date of today.
- Sing my family song and ask them of what they see around them? , sharing them to lear
new vocabulary of they have to know before reading story. In story time, telling the story
their attentions
students have repeat after her. Ask questions

Role-play (order the story) .. (whole class)

Materials: 4 pictures of 4 events in the story
- Teacher will choose 4 students of groups and have model to take the
title with picture and explain them to order the story with first, then,
next and last.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1) .. teacher model first then they complete
working in group
Listen to the question and answer (matching for C level and writing for A&
Materials: sheet, pencil.
- First of all, teacher will read the questions and children have answer
in the sheet. (As group)
- As whole class, teacher will explain the activity listen to the teacher
carefully and they have answer in the sheet.
- In group one ( 4 /5 students) for example, will write / match one ans
for each child. (q1 for child one, q2 for child two )
- Each group has 4 answers with different students.
Independent Experience(small group activity 2) .. (individually)
Drawing and circle
Materials: workbook, pencil.
Page 86. Part 2

First, teacher will explain the activity (draw your home) and describ
them of drawing home with family (individually)
They will start drawing with using their imagining. (if they finish earl
they can drawing)

Part 1
- Circle of what words tell about the story. Teacher models circling one word in first questio
- They complete it by themselves.
- Checking together with teacher by showing the answers on the board.

Independent Experience(small group activity 3) ( individually)

Evaluate the reading story
Materials: the little book (the story pages)

First, teacher will choose one child how had done or yet of each grou
read one page of the story. (individually)
Teacher will evaluate child's reading and put mark in teacher's note a
give a stare sticker for her.

5 min Whole


Students sing ABCs song. Teacher shows them the words of family member cards and chooses
girls from each group to say the word correctly and match it with the correct beginning letter on
wall board.
Finally, teacher gives them worksheet with different levels for each group as homework.

- If someone who's finish early, they can play puzzle game (as activity 4) and describe it of what c
see in the picture.(pairs)
- Check their work in 3 the activities by asking questions and walk around to check their answers.
- Provide them the appropriate feedback.

Reflection WWW/EBI
1- I did my lesson in professional and I followed my lesson plan without
missed any type.
2- I got their attentions all the time.
3- I used classroom rules and managed their behaviors during class tim
4- I used many types of scaffolding in my lesson and made good
5- I evaluate some children of their reading story and marked them wit
using my sticker as praises.
Next Steps in learning and teaching
1- Have given a time for all children to check their reading story in the
of class.
2- No needs to telling the story again and waiting them to saying after