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Christopher Luke Etinas

December 7, 2015
Period 2
Raspberry Pi Specification
I am researching the aspect of programming. This includes how sound is translated into
code, and how code can be translated into actions that cut off or allow certain pathways of
electricity to flow. I will also be researching how certain words can be programmed to do a
certain task. For Example: If you say On and the light bulb turns on.
What we want to do:
-Record sound using the microphone.
-Make a sound file and translate it into code
-Use the code and set certain words to turn certain lights on and off
-Make a working circuit


-Raspberry Pi (with power outlet and cable)

-LED lights
-GPIO cable pines (Ribbon Cable)

-Jumper Cables
-T Cobbler

Picture Taken by: Luke Etinas

Relation Between Components:
Raspberry Pi and Ribbon Cable (GPIO Cable)
The relation between the Raspberry Pi and the Ribbon Cable is quite easy to understand.
One end of the Ribbon Cable is connected to the Pi and the other end is connected to the T
Cobbler which is explained in another section. When you connect the Raspberry Pi to the Ribbon
Cable to the T Cobbler to the Breadboard it essentially gives power to create circuits on the

Ribbon Cable (GPIO Cable) and T Cobbler

The relation between the Ribbon Cable and the T Cobbler consists of electrical currents
flowing to certain spots. The GPIO Cable receives electrical signals from the Pi, and sends the
electrical current to certain spots on the T Cobbler that has a wire circuit connected to it.

T Cobbler and Breadboard

The relation between the T Cobbler and the Breadboard is simple. All the T Cobbler does,
is redirect the electricity through the Cobbler so that it is simpler and easier to program the light
or circuit to do a specific task.

Breadboard and Jumper Wires (Cables)

The relation between and breadboard and the rest of the components on it are simple,
because all that is going on is electricity flowing through.

Jumper Wire (Cables) and Resistor

The Jumper Cables let electricity flow through it, but once the electricity goes to the
resistor the voltage changes. The jumper cables do not do anything special besides extending the

Resistor and LED

The relation between the 220 resistor and the LED, is that the resistor lessens the
amount of voltage that goes through the LED. The resistor does this because it has many
rotations on copper coil, which increases the resistance to electricity. The reason we need a
resistor is so that the LED does not burn.

LED and Jumper Wires (Cables)

The relation between the LED and the Jumper Cables is only that electricity is flowing
out of the LED into the Jumper Cables back to the T Cobbler.

Raspberry Pi and Microphone

The relation between the Raspberry Pi and the microphone is that the microphone
condenses sound into electrical signals, which are sent to the Pi in an audio file format.

Pictures by: https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/projects/raspberrypi/tutorials/robot/morse_code/www.adafruit.com