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Written by a Teenager

Although phones allow teens to

easily contact and connect to
others, the constant use of these
devices hinder the quality of their
real-life friendships and social

Friendships and Social Experiences

Provide support
Celebrate each others successes
Honest with each other
Share secrets with each other
Provide sympathy
Dont judge
Encourage you to achieve goals
Help you feel like you belong
Help you feel happy and not sad
More friendships= Longer life


Fun with friends!

Biking and Concerts!

Face-To-Face Conversations!

Here Comes the Smartphone

-Voice call
-Access to applications
-Access social media
-And more

Have You Ever Done This?

Been in public like this?

Hung out with your friends like


Most likely, you related to at

least one of those pictures or
had a friend that did.

50-70 percent of 12-14 year olds have their

own smartphones

Positive Impact of Smartphones

Supplements face-to-face interaction
Positive mental health
Easy to meet large numbers of people
Text messages remind us of satisfying relationships
Some teens feel more connected to friends lives
Facilitates communication
Phones can help document memories
Makes social media accessible at all times
Helps families feel more secure

Negative Impact of Smartphones

Writing Letters/ Making Home phone calls exchanged for
Jealousy/ Spying/ Paranoia
Tempts people to talk to people that they were trying to
Addiction to phone/ anxiety without it
Some teens check social media more than 100 times a
Constant use of social media makes teens feel TOO
connected to friends
Expectation to respond immediately

Negative Impact of Smartphones

Interactions with people that are not close friends are
Electronic interactions are replacing other forms of
People look at phones instead of interacting with
Phones distract from real life
Spending time looking at screens lowers the ability of
recognizing emotions (Recognizing emotions is an
important social skill)

Is It Too Much?
Easy to see that there are more negative impacts than
On average, teens spend more the 4 hours a day on
their phones

How much time do you

spend on your phone each

Did you answer: A lot?

Time on the phone is taking away from real life

People ages 3-18 should limit phone use to no more

than 2 hours a day

Things to do with friends instead of

being on the phone:
Go to the park
Go for a hike
Go swimming
Converse with friends
Go fishing
Go for a bike ride
Learn an instrument
The list is endless!

Put your phone down!

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Thanks for your time!

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