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Math 8!
Room 77!
Davidson Middle School!

Contact Information!

Teacher:! Scott Jensen!

485-2000 ext. ____!
Website http://dms.srcs.ca.schoolloop.com!

Course Description!
Math 8 explores principles of Algebra and introduction to Geometric principles. !
Course Objectives!
Understanding in Math 8 will focus on three critical areas:!
(1) formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations, including
modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation, and solving
linear equations and systems of linear equations;!
(2) grasping the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative
(3) analyzing figures in two and three dimensional space using similarity,
distance, angle, congruence while applying the principles of the Pythagorean

Provided Text and Materials!
Algebra 1 - Holt Composition book for notes.!
Required Supplies!

3 ring binder with dividers for homework, classwork and quizzes. Graph paper,
loose-leaf notebook paper, four lead pencils (at least 4), one pencil sharpener
(1), two red pens (2), one highlighter (1), one compass (1), one protractor (1),
one whiteboard marker (1) and one cloth for erasing the whiteboard. Colored

pencils are not required but can be useful. Math requires accuracy and
preparation so have these required supplies before August 24, 2015.!


Homework will be assigned every class period. It will be repeated application of

the concepts learned building upon prior knowledge toward the understanding of
Algebra principles and application of Geometric principles.!

Homework must be legible in pencil using a clear thought process in your

answer. It must be submitted on time for credit. Students who need extra time
must leave a message for teacher the night before or bring a note. Full credit will
be given for late assignments that meet this criteria.!

Class participation is required for full credit in Math 8. Math application and
understanding requires the students ability to explain the concept in addition
solving the equation. !

Regular quizzes and tests will account for a majority of your score. Math
understanding requires the ability to recognize, manipulate, solve and explain the
solution to a given problem. Tests and quizzes allow students a format to
demonstrate understanding using a collection of concepts.!

Grading Policies!

Your grade will be calculated based on the percentage of total points

accumulated through tests, quizzes, homework and projects. Tests and quizzes
will be 70% of final grade. There will be a midyear and a cumulative exam. 30%
of Student grade will be based on group projects, classroom participation and
behavior. Student behavior in class, during class projects and towards other
students and the teacher will contribute 10% to your overall score. Extra Credit
will be available in many formats throughout the year and can earn students 10%
extra credit.!

Classroom Policies!

Students are expected to be on time and attend class daily with assignments
completed. Students will be ready to work when they arrive in the classroom,
seated with materials ready to begin the first activity when the bell rings. There is
no eating in class. Each student will receive three bathroom passes per

semester. You can trade them to other students however lost ones will not be
replaced. Learning and understanding is enhanced by good work habits, focus,
effort and respect for yourself and others. All students must follow these rules in
our respectful and open classroom culture.!

Academic Support!

I believe in you. We as the Math Department are here to help you succeed.
Please ask for assistance. After school help from Math 8 teachers is available
from 2:30-3:30 according to the schedule below:!

Monday:! !
Tuesday:! !
Wednesday: !

Mr. Jensen Room 77!

Ms. Fell Room 73!
Mr. Kozuki Room 72