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Name: Marin Haffey
Grade Level: 1st
Subject/Content Area: Social Studies
Michigan Curriculum Framework
1 H2.0.7
Identify the events or people celebrated during United States national holidays and why we
celebrate them (e.g., Independence Day, Constitution Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;
Presidents Day).
With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experiences or gather
information from provided sources to answer a question.
Lesson Outcomes:
TLW increase their knowledge base or learn more about Christopher Columbus.
TLW learn about an important event in US History.
TLW relate to American history by thinking like an explorer.
Rationale/Purpose for Lesson:
The purpose of the lesson is for students to learn more about Christopher Columbus and relate to
his life as an explorer. This lesson will be taught on Columbus Day.
The assessment for this lesson will occur during the PowerPoint presentation. There will be
questions throughout that the class will answer together.
Resources/Materials Required:

Computer with PowerPoint presentation and Smart Board connection

Smart Board blank sheet
If I were an explorer. Worksheet

The introduction for todays lesson will be simple but attention grabbing. I will ask the class
what day it is. Most of them will respond Monday or October 12th and I will note that they
are correct but it also an important day called Columbus Day.
1. After the introduction start the lesson with the Power Point presentation. Read through
the presentation with the students and have them answer the questions throughout.
2. Pull up the smart board list. Write If I were an explorer then brainstorm with the class
what they would do if they were explorers.
3. Have paper passers pass out the worksheet. Be sure students write their names on the
sheets. Instruct them to copy one of the sentences we brainstormed on the board or ask a
teacher if they want to write their own.
4. Students draw a picture and color after they have their sentences checked by a teacher.
5. Students turn their worksheets in to the completed work bin when they are finished.
When all of the students complete their papers the teacher will turn them into a class book and
read it to the students.
Evaluation and Reflection:
Think about the lesson and how the class did. Take into consideration the answers the students
gave for the Power Point and also their worksheets.