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Please, submit this document and attachments on the appropriate icon of the class website.
This document explains the nature and outcomes of the specific hand-on project that you worked on.
Capstone Course: ___TMGT4347______________

Organization Name: _Molina Healthcare_______

Major: ___Technology Management____________

Supervisor Name: __Jocelyn Goines__________

Student Name: _Adriana Guzman______________


Identification of the organization
Molina Healthcare is a Managed Care Organization that helps managed the care of Medicaid members
as well as recently expanded to Medicare and Market place (Obamacare).


Identification of the supervisor
Jocelyn Goines supervises the Long Term Care department in charge of service coordination for services
such as provider assistances, adult daycare services, meals on wheels, emergency responses services,
and waiver services. The supervisor role is to oversee the customer service is being provided to the
members and coordination is in place for the members.


Description of the organization
The organization provides services for doctors’ visits, dental care, vision care, long term care services
and even behavior health care. The organization works to provide care for the members help and
manage the treatments to improve the health of members. With a vast amount of members and services
provided, the organization is composed of different department such as service coordination, member
services, provider services, claims, appeals, scheduling, and many more internal departments.


a. The situation: Case managers conduct home visits in the member home to identify the need for
long term services and if qualified, the recommended services to be provided. This forms used
for these assessments are called H2060 Form.
b. The issue: Case managers are conducting the home visits and the forms H2060 are being placed
under a saved status and not being placed under finish status to meet the requirements to be in
compliances. Failure to do so will place the organization in a situation they are no longer in
compliance as well as delay services the member is being provided. Continuations of services
cannot be provided if the form has not been completed to finish status.

c. g. Recommendations: The recommendation is to run a report monthly to identify those pending H2060’s to be changed to save status to eliminate delay. f. Performance of the plan: The plan met the expectations and has improved the performance overall and reduced the number of forms left under saved status. Example of project documentation (attachment) . Managers will continue to be made aware of these corrections needed to try to minimize the issue accordance as well as reduce the delay of services for members. h. e. Evaluation of the outcomes: This project has cause awareness to both case managers and their supervisors of the importance of completing the work assignment as well as the delays in services cause by failure to submit properly. d. notify the case manager’s supervisors to review with the case manager and make corrections as needed. The goal: The goal is to get all the pending H2060 Forms to a finished status from the saved status prior to 2015 year coming to an end. Supervisor’s awareness has been improved and has helped to limit the number of H2060 forms left under saved status. The plan of action: To identify the H2060 Form under saved status dated back to January 2015.