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Asian Culture


Asian Groups in America

Chinese 2.7 million
Philippians 2.4 million
Asian Indians 1.9 million
Koreans 1.23 million
Vietnamese 1.22 million
Japanese - 1.1 million
Cambodians - .21 million
Pakistani - .2 million
Laotians - .198
Thai - .15 million
Taiwanese - .144 million
12 other subgroups make up less than 100,000


where the Majority of Asian

Reside in America

20% live in the West Coast

19 % live in Northeast America

12% live in the Midwest

51 % live in California, New York, and



One of the fast growing Asian group

First came in the mid 1800's

They were escaping the Taiping Revolution

Escaping poverty

Between 1990 1996 next large



Migrated to America in the late 1800's

Migrated to Hawaii and California

During the Meiji restoration

World war II conflicted with Japanese

Most Japanese married with in their
Japanese decent.
31% of Japanese reported they were


They Immigrated in the early 1900's

1924 being the biggest year of Immigration

They replace Japanese workers. (world war II)

Mainly in the northwest

Had low wage jobs, and did not have rights to vote

Big wave of immigration in the 1990's

Well educated in highly skilled professionals

Did not have a lot of economic support.

South East Asians

Vietnamese, Boatians, Hmong, Thais, and

Cambodians are the main groups to make up this

They started immigrating in 1975

Escaping consequences of war and poverty

Whole families came

Main states California, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and

They are the most recent Asian group
Highest rates or depression and psychosomatic

Japan &

East Asia


Whole families



& Korean

Early 1900's

Men & family mix

The Family

Started family and have maintained families.

Family is very important

Patriarchal culture

The order husband to wife. Parents to children.

Husband has main say.

Children must listen

Needs come before wants.

Women have a lower status

Domestic Violence is tolerated. Not many cases

are reported


High levels of education and economic

When children do not do well in school they
must accept disapproval, disappointment,
and criticism from parents.
Bad in school causes stress on whole
family. Family is one unit.

Creates fear of failure.

High expectations.


Most recent generations (children) take on more of

an adult role in the social aspect hey assimilate
more easily.
Causes low-self esteem for some Asian parents.
More reserved with emotions. With expressions
and actions.
They hold emotions in internally.
They do not express problems outside of family
Negative situations and problems reflect the whole
family unit badly.

Demographics scholar

The US census bureau project there to be

41 million Asians in 2050.

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