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Milling L.P.
Safety and Risk Management
TMGT 4304 V01
Spring 2015
Team Members:
Adriana Guzman
Luis Gonzalez
Saul Cobos Chavez

II. Safety Culture (Luis)
a. Defining Safety Culture
b. Approaches to Developing and measuring
III. Managing Human Risk (Luis)
a) A Risk Management Approach
b) HR practices associated with OHAS
IV. Personality and Risk Liability (Adriana)
a) Conscientiousness
b) Risk Propensity
V. Risk Models/Risk Management (Saul)
a) Description of the Technical Approach
b) Description of the Economic Approach
c) Individual Differences and Risk-Taking Behaviors
d) Evolutionary
VI. The Role of Stress in Safety and Risk (Luis)
a) Individual differences and job stress
b) Workplace Stressors and injuries
VII.Conclusion (Adriana)


in 1977
Operates internationally from 18 plants
in Mexico, 8 plants in Central & South
Africa, 6 plants in United States.
Industry leader in the corn masa flour
market, manufactures corn tortillas,
tacos & tostadas shells, tortilla chips,
corn chips, tamales, pupusas, and

Personality and Risk


Personality impacts the work environment and can place a risk

liability on any industry, for that reason Azteca Milling wants to
continue to stand out from their competitors and have no room
for human error to cause a scandal or take away their
Azteca Milling follows closely any implementations and
requirements addressed by the FDA .
Azteca Milling is the 1st corn milling company in the United
States to achieve and maintain IOS9002 certification since 1996.
Azteca Milling received the American Institute of Baking
certification in 1991
The standards are held high for the Azteca Milling
manufacturing company and plan to remain in those standards
or possibly higher.


Conscientiousness: competence, order, dutifulness, achievement

striving, self-discipline, and deliberation.
Competence: Azteca Milling strives to find individuals that feel that
the individuals success is the companies success as well.
Order: Azteca Millings vision is to provided quality to the consumer,
best customer service internal and external, provided compensation
and safe work environment, and provided community services and
safe environment practices.
Dutifulness: (Mission Statement) To remain the industry leader as a
world-class quality service company that guarantees our customers
complete satisfaction by exceeding their expectations.
Achievement Striving: Azteca Milling looks for individuals who share
the same goals working as an efficient, professional team
Self-Discipline: The focus is to keep the safety of all individuals as a
high priority and individuals must take responsibility for all actions as
Deliberation: Adapt with changes in the demand for the products by
deliberating the options, potential risk involved.

Risk Propensity
Risk propensity is failure to access the danger, fail to use
proper safety procedures, or using poor judgment.
February 21, 2013 Oscar Arellano was killed due to a fall
into a mill in the Edinburg, Texas Plant. OSHA sited the
company due to failure to have a confined-spaces permit.

The lack of someone neglecting to obtain this permit was

an example of the cost it can have on a company.
The employee must be trained to be able to identify a
dangerous situation and report it to the immediate
supervisor and use all safety procedures.

Risk Models/Risk

Azteca Milling is focused on demonstrate prudent

risk management practices, as evidenced by
deleveraging and active use of derivatives in order
to offset raw materials price volatility.
The company will maintain its current risk
management strategy and continue to strengthen
its corporate governance, and keep deleveraging in
the near future despite its expansion strategy and
working capital requirements.

Description of the
Technical Approach

Azteca Milling has over thirty flours specifically designed for

ingredient technology applications. Product applications include
batter/breading, baked foods, crackers, soups, dips, and a variety of
coating applications. Additionally, yield enhancement, opacity,
texture, and emulsifier characteristics have all been realized in
certain applications.
The company consider that product consistency is not only critical for
finished product quality; it also has a direct impact on profitability.
That is why Azteca Milling offers customers and potential customers
free in-depth on-site technical support that is unique in the industry.
Technically oriented sales people and technical services personnel
are available as an extension for outside customers.
Azteca Milling staffs a department of experienced professional
engineers and food technologists/scientists to provide the following
services: Process Development & Product Development,
Troubleshooting, Personnel Training and Plant Optimization Studies.

Description of the
Economic Approach
In accordance with their best corporate governance practices, the new
Board of Directors of Azteca Milling maintains a large majority of
independent directors. The organization considers that working with the
company management in strengthening the companys strategic plan
should be based on:
Focus on the core businesses of Azteca Milling, which are those where
it has clear competitive advantages, market leadership and wellrecognized brand names
Consolidating the successful business expansion achieved in recent
years, thus streamlining capital investments and the use of working
capital, and
Increasing operational efficiency and rationalization of expenditure in
all areas of the company.
Revenue increased some 12% in 2011 as compared to 2010, thanks to
sales growth volume and price increases spurred by higher rawmaterial costs.

Individual Differences and

Risk-Taking Behaviors

Azteca Milling is internationally certified as an AIB company, which specifies

requirements for the implementation of a system used by food processors in
order to evaluate the risks to food safety and compliance levels with these

AIB International Consolidated Standards for Prerequisites and Food Safety

standard, certifies the companies' participation in a continuous program for the
improvement and maintenance of food safety programs, taking part in safety
and hygiene inspections in their plants. The standard also certifies continuing
compliance with the maintenance and improvement of their quality programs
and pre-requisites. Azteca Milling have been certified since 1995.

In addition to that, the organization operates with continuous process of

planning, implementation, documentation, development, innovation and
maintenance of food safety programs, from harvest to consumption. The
company is seriously focused in complying with global standards for food

The corn products company is chasing after the growing US
Hispanic market, which is expected to increase approximately
3.5% per year. It's banking on tortilla product consumption is
evolving in a way that is not only focused on Hispanics but by
non-Hispanic communities living in the US. Besides its direct-toconsumer business, Azteca Milling LP, part of the GRUMA
Corporation grows its market share by selling its corn flower to
other manufacturers of tortillas and tortilla chips.
The company maintains more than 20 plants in the US and
about a handful in Europe (in the UK, the Netherlands, and in
Russia) that produce tortillas and tortilla chips. In the UK, the
company also makes flatbreads, such as pita, naan, chapatti,
and piadinas. US plants are located mainly in the western and
southwestern US.