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McKenna Luepker

Title: Student Council Dance Marathon Leader
Date: 2013-2014 School Year
Description: This artifact consists of a photo and a link to the video our
executive board made to promote the event. As a member of the executive
board planning this event I contacted the University of Iowa Dance Marathon
Group to attend our Mini Dance Marathon(event to help raise money for
children effected by cancer, and also to help find a cure for cancer). I helped
organize the rest of the student council in order to maximize the outcomes of
this event I also interacted with and recruited most of the students in our
district (upwards of 300) to come to the event.
Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment: This artifact best aligns with
Standard 10: Collaboration- The teacher fosters relationships with school
colleagues, parents, and agencies in the larger community to support
students learning and well-being.
The time I spent planning this event fits well with Standard 10 because
during this time I worked closely with my schools principal, superintendent,
student council advisor, the University of Iowas Dance Marathon Group
Leader, and other members of my student council to organize this event and
recruit people to come and participate. I learned how to work and
collaborate with my peers in planning this event with the rest of my student
council. Being part of the executive board I helped to organize groups,
create checklists to follow, and follow up with the groups to make sure
everyone was doing their assigned jobs. I was in charge of progress checks
with the student representative groups, and keeping in touch with the
University of Iowas Dance Marathon Group Leader during the whole process
of setting up the event. I built very close relationships with the U of I Dance
Marathon Group, and all of the students in the council.
This experience really helped me to learn and build as a person. I created
strong relationships with my peers and the University of Iowa Dance
Marathon Group Leader. I tried to be the best leader I could to get members
of the council more involved. I learned how to work with others and build an
environment where everyone felt safe and could work to the best of their
UW-Platteville Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Alignment: This artifact
best aligns with KSD4.d: contributes to the school and district- The
candidate is able to assume a leadership role among colleagues and is
supportive and cooperative with peers volunteers, and serves as a
participant and leader in school events and school and district projects.

McKenna Luepker
This experience best aligns with this KSD because I was a leader in this
district project. I lead the student council in order to make this district
project a success. I was able be supportive of my student council groups,
and cooperative with my school principal, student council advisor, and the
University of Iowas Dance Marathon Group Leader.

Secondary KSDs:
KS1.e: Designs Coherent Instruction
KSD3.d: Provides Feedback to Students
KSD3.e: Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness
KSD4.f: Shows Professionalism
What I Leaned About Teaching and Learning: Through this experience I
learned the importance of involvement in the school and district. I learned
how important it is to have connections with the community and school
administrators. Overall the most important thing I learned was how to
communicate, organize, and lead students by giving them positive feedback
in order to get a positive response.
What I Learned About Myself as a Prospective Educator: I learned how
important it is to make every student feel involved an responsible for their
actions. Because of this experience I am better equipped to lead students
and collaborate with my peers. I am now aware that working with others is
vital to success.