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NURS 362 Professional Development Plan

Goal Statement: To obtain experience and knowledge, and develop appropriate skills, to help me become a competent nurse capable of providing
care to all patients, but specifically care to families and newborns during an exciting, but sometimes stressful time.

Objective(s): Describe what
you want to accomplish in
your first two years in
Plans/Strategies: Describe
the actions that you will take
to achieve your objective.
Strengths: Describe the
strong points about yourself
that make you such a great
Skills/competencies: Describe
the skills and competencies
you bring to the role.
Areas targeted for growth:
From your own self
assessment, describe what
areas in yourself that you
would like to strengthen.

Clinical Practice


Professional Development

Obtain employment as
an RN as part of a new
RN graduate program on
a medical/surgical unit.
Obtain employment as
an RN on a maternity
unit after 1-2 years of
experience on a
medical/surgical unit.

Observe a charge nurse
and learn the
expectations and
responsibilities of the job
to prepare me for one day
applying for a charge
nurse position.
Participate in community
events and fairs.

Take and pass the
NCLEX-RN exam.
Search for positions on
the HPH website.
Apply for new RN
graduate programs in
acute care facilities
within 6 months of

Select a charge nurse on
the unit to observe and
learn from.
Further my education by
obtaining a BSN.
Speak with

Take and pass the NCLEXRN within 1-2 months of ADN
nursing program graduation.
Apply to the University of
Phoenix baccalaureate of
nursing program.
Obtain field specific
certification through the
National Certification
Attend conferences and
seminars to advance
continuing education.
Join a professional nursing

Patient - I am patient with
others because I
understand that things
will not always go as
planned and plans of
care will need to be
Strong work ethic - I am
dedicated to performing
at my best, and working

Professional - I am
professional in
appearance, speech and
Ambitious - I am always
willing to further my
education and obtain new
skills, and enjoy being in a
leadership position.
Responsible - I ensure
that I carry out the
responsibilities expected
of me and try to excel

Apply for NCLEX-RN Exam
online by Jan. 15.
Speak with an Enrollment
Representative to obtain
more information about the
program and admission
Contact the National
Certification Corporation and
specialty organization in the
area of practice
(maternity/obstetrics) to
determine the education,
experience and exam
requirements needed.

efficiently and effectively.

Compassionate - I try to
be understanding of
other's feelings and use
that as a guide to
delivering patientcentered care.
Confident - I am
confident in my
knowledge and skills to
deliver safe care.
Effective communicator I ensure honest, open
communication with my
patients and other
members of the
healthcare team in order
to ensure we make the
best decisions for the
individual patient.

In obtaining an AAT in
Teaching degree, I
learned valuable skills to
assist me in providing
patient education.
Through my role as an
Assistant Store Leader, I
have obtained valuable
organization skills and
how to work effectively
as part of a team.
Through my nursing
school clinical
experiences, I have
learned a variety of skills
essential to the RN role
such as medication
administration, focused

about standard
Optimistic - I look for the
positives in every situation
and am optimistic of
success and achieving
positive results.
Organized - I am good at
keeping things in order to
ensure an organized work
environment so that their
is accurate exchange of
information and the
performance of efficient

Through my role as an
Assistant Store Leader, I
have gained experience in
managing and leading a
team, providing coaching,
creating staff schedules,
anticipating store needs,
and delegating tasks.
I am aware of my
style and focus on being a
team player, encouraging
staff participation in
decision making,
acknowledging and
rewarding good work, and
compromising as best as
I accept constructive
feedback openly and
professionally, and use
those suggestions to
better my performance.

Purchase and complete the

learning modules and
accompanying exams on the
NCC website for field specific

Good time management - I
am good at managing time in
order to ensure that all tasks
are completed.
Committed - I am dedicated
to learning and excelling in
my chosen profession.
Diligent - I remain focused on
the task at hand and
persevere through difficult
Flexible - I am flexible when
it comes to scheduling or
learning to do things in a
different way because
sometimes I learn new ways
of doing things that work
much better than what I
previously knew.
Organized - I ensure an
organized work environment
so that I can complete
assignments and easily know
where things are located.
I am an eager learner
committed to furthering my
education, gaining new
experiences and learning
new skills so I will work hard
to succeed.

assessments and
charting, thorough
managing care of
multiple patients, and
many care procedures.
As a mother, I can relate
to how stressful and
exciting childbirth can be,
and can anticipate some
of the needs my patients
will have surrounding the

Areas Targeted for Growth:

Use critical-thinking skills
while under pressure.
Demonstrate mastery
and efficiency in
performing nursing skills
specific to maternity
Manage care of multiple

Areas Targeted for Growth:

Learn more about the role
of interdisciplinary fields,
such as case managers,
in order to effectively work
together to create/update
patient care plans.
Being more assertive and
learning to delegate tasks.
Become a proactive
problem solver.

Through my role as an
Assistant Store Leader and
as a former student, I know
how to prioritize and manage
my time in order to help me
be successful in school.
I am a quick learner, but ask
for help when needed.
I have obtained training and
certification as a Certified
Nurse Aide (2013), and in
BLS for Healthcare Providers

Areas Targeted for Growth:

Utilize more resources to
help with my learning.
Be more proactive and
seeking learning
opportunities in and out of
the classroom.
Learn more about different
professional nursing