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Tracy Gonzalez

Professor Ditch
English 113A
7 December 2015
Reflection Essay
In my English 113 class we have learned several types of writing from a topic thesis to
argumentative writing. I will discuss my original essays and the improvement I made in my
writing. The class was assigned two separate essays were we used out thesis to reflect on two or
more articles that share the same idea or concept. I will begin with how my first essay needed
much improvement and then my second essay.
The first essay we were assigned was about Gender. The class used two or more articles
from the book Composing Gender by Racheal Groner. The two articles had to have some
connection on the topic of gender. Initially I had a hard time understanding what I did wrong,
and why it was graded so badly. Once I began working on my second essay I noticed that I
completely forgot to do several steps that where required in the writing assignment. I understood
that the first, and most important thing I needed to do was answer the two question about the
articles having the same concept to link them together. I also knew from the start that my thesis
was not good, in which I had a difficult time with it all along. My thesis was The Social
Construction of gender influences the childs process thinking on gender by understanding
gender identity, viewing gender roles, and having a heterosexual life (Childrens Guide to
Societys Gender Norms is Ridiculous pg.1). Once I corrected the essay I had a clear

understanding that the main reason I could not get a thesis that worked was because I did not
follow the prompts in answering the two questions to make the articles connect. When I talked to
Professor Hitch, I then could see that my essay was all over the place. I was going way off topic,
and did not have one topic to go by. Now my new thesis People have been influenced since
early childhood by society on their views of gender conformity roles, the way it is learned, the
expectations from early childhood, the behavior that is appropriate, and struggles of those who
believe otherwise (Societys Conformity on Gender Roles pg.1).
When I corrected my essay the first thing I did was find a common theme within the three
articles I decided to use, which was societys conformity when it comes to gender roles. I made
sure that all three had that in different topics about gender, mainly the influence of society. Once
I found the common theme I was able to see how I could piece together my thesis in where I
decided to make it a little general, but with some detail. I used societys standard rules in terms
of gender role applied to people since early childhood. I saw that the link to this was in the
teachings from close family members to outsiders. I read a lot about how people in general
believe that anything outside the norm could be viewed as wrong, and this is why it begins at
such a young age. All three articles were able to discuss how gender roles where taught to us, we
took it as a natural part of our behavior, and those that opposed were viewed different or socially
not accepted. Once my thesis was put together, I pulled out key words I wanted to use in the
body of the essay, and write more in detail about it. I had to cut out all of the things that went out
of subject first, and then I kept some of the beginning I was able to use for my paper. For
example I was able to link parenting teachings to societys demands of gender performance roles
like these two entries; Parents teach children at an early age what gender roles should be like.
Like in the article No way my boys are going to be like that: Parents response to Childrens

Gender Nonconformity, explains how parents respond to what their children are allowed to
play with, such as; certain toys, pretend play clothing, icon toys, and accessories (Societys
Conformity on Gender Roles pg.2) and this article about societys demands, As we move
through our lives, society demands different gender performances from us and rewards, tolerates,
or punishes us differently for conformity to, or digression from, social norms (pg. 35).
On my second essay I was able to understand much better on what was needed. I did start
with a good thesis, but needed to work more on details, and explanations. I did use supporting
evidence on most, but did need to work on the parts I forgot to input my supportive evidence.
This paper was an argumentative paper, and that I needed a lot of help on it, but eventually I got
the idea. My other biggest issue was organization, which I didnt notice until mu professor
explained where the issues where. How I improved on this essay was containing a solid paper
with a clear argument and support. Although I still need to add more evidence for my paragraphs
to connect and address the issues in an organized way, I still made improvement in my writing
techniques. For example, my unclear illustration to my drawing evidence was pronounced The
#2 characters in the drawing cant understand that they are degrading their jobs due to their sex
and gender (Discrimination for Traditional Jobs pg.2). The reason why this was unclear is
because using the word degrading, was not enough to explain that the person in that job made
it less valued. How I corrected it was Characters in the drawing #2 cannot understand that they
are viewed by society as people who have untraditional jobs because of their gender (Men and
Womens Traditional Jobs are Devalued pg.2).
After discussing my two original essays lack of concept and utilizing my new corrected
essays to show my improvement. I mentioned how English 113A class taught me several types of
writing topics like a thesis topic and argument essay. The class assigned two separate essays to

learn how to build our own thesis and reflect it with two or more articles that share the same
main idea. This clarifies how my first essay and second essay had a huge gap difference of
improvement that proves how much I made progress in my writing.

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