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Are Plants

Lets learn about photosynthesis!

Plants are producers

Producers-make their own food

using photosynthesis


Synthesis= combination of 2 or
more substances to make another

chemical reaction

Are we producers?

Using the energy from sunlight,

plus carbon dioxide from the air,
and water from soil plants produce
carbohydrates (sugar/glucose) and

What would that look like?

(6)CO + (6)H 0 + SUNLIGHT


C H 0 + (6)0



Plants use the chloroplasts found in green plants to do this. Chloroplast

contain chlorophyll, green pigment, which capture the light.

Types of plants that use photosynthesis: algae, grass, trees, flowers, shrubs,
moss, etc.

Why produce the glucose?

Carbon dioxide plus water plus energy from the sun

equals sugar (glucose) and oxygen

Plants use the sugar for energy. This process is referred to as Cellular respiration.

Plants use the sugar for growing. If sugars are connected in long chains it is called
cellulose. Where do plants use cellulose?

Plants can store sugar for future energy needs.

How does photosynthesis happen?

Carbon dioxide enters the plant in

the stomata in the leaves.

Water enters through the root


Then carbon dioxide combines with

water. They use energy from the
sun to cause a chemical reaction.

The products are oxygen and

glucose (a carbohydrate).

The sugar moves through the plant

to spread to the roots, leaves, and
fruits/flowers. Some is used
immediately while some is stored.

C H 0 + (6)O
(6)CO + (6)H 0 + ATP


Cellular Respiration: sugar plus oxygen equals carbon dioxide plus

water and most important energy the plant can use.

Plants (and animal cells) use the mitochondria to release the energy (ATP)
that is in the sugar.

ATP is the energy cells need to do work.

Energy from the sun used in photosynthesis is changed by a chemical

reaction. This energy must then be transferred into usable energy for the
plant. This is where cellular respiration comes in.

Different from photosynthesis because all living things use cellular respiration
while only green plants use photosynthesis.

Why do I need to know this?

Here the picture shows the cycle.

Energy from the sun, carbon

dioxide, and water help the plant
to make sugar. The sugar and
oxygen are then used to make ATP.

ATP gives the plant energy.

Where do humans fit into this


picture from this source.

Consider this.

Why are these processes important to us?

What is at the beginning of the cycle? This consideration leads to food webs.
We will talk about these later so think about it.

Scientists believe that there was little oxygen on the planet before plants.
Think how that would affect life on Earth. Such a small thing has made a
huge impact.

What will we do without plants?