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Tiger Pride Reflection Week 6
On Monday, October 26th I taught 18 second graders from Cleveland Elementary. The content
was basketball shooting. The students previous learnt skills were skipping, jumping, galloping,
leaping, underhand throwing and catching, basketball dribbling. They were on the blacktop. The
required equipment was 10 basketballs and 18 poly spots.
Student Learning Outcomes
Psychomotor (P): SWBAT demonstrate the proper technique of shooting a basketball. SWBAT
successfully make 1 out of 4 shots.
Cognitive (C): SWBAT demonstrate and repeat aloud the COTS for basketball shooting.
H-R Fitness (H): SWBAT complete the skill of basketball shooting so they can use it outside of
school time to continue being active.
No, I didnt successfully achieve my student learning outcomes. A majority of the students could
demonstrate the proper technique of shooting a basketball, but not many of them could make 1
out of 4 shots. Most of the students could demonstrate and repeat aloud the COTS for basketball
shooting, but there were a few that werent able to remember them. For the health-related fitness
objective it is hard to evaluate because a lot of the students couldnt do the shooting technique
correctly but theyre still being active, and they could use it outside of school time.
Yes I would have created a target that was at a lower height than the basketball hoops and got the
students to shoot at that. Once they had gotten good at that then I would have moved them to the
basketball hoop. I think it was too large of a step moving the students from not knowing how to
shoot a basketball to shooting a basketball at a high hoop. This meant they didnt meet the
psychomotor SLO of successfully making 1 out of 4 shots.
Creating a Quality Learning Environment
I did develop the participants motor skills through the breakdown of the COTS. The COTS were
shoulder width apart, bend your knees, hold the ball with one hand at the back and one to the
side, push the ball up with one hand, and follow through. I was surprised at the students initial
lack of ability to do these movements. Cognitively it took them awhile to get their body to do the
movement. I would tell them to move their hand more to one side and they wouldnt understand,
so I had to move it for them. I also think I provided maximum practice time. I spent a decent
amount of time explaining the technique because thats an important part of the process, but then
I got the students to do small steps of developing their skill which provided them with plenty of
practice time. I didnt meet the third criteria of the lesson being developmentally appropriate
because of the basketball hoop being too high for the students. They couldnt make many shots
because the hoop was too high and they are too small to have that kind of strength. I did give the
students the opportunity to improve their cognitive and affective skills. I included the
improvement of cognitive skills in the instant activity when the students had to think how they
could tag people while being in a chain. This also included affective skills too because they had
to work as a team.

The SOFIT showed that the students spent 1010seconds in MVPA. I think this is a very good
amount of time in activity. To improve the ratio of time spent in activity, instruction and
management I can make my instructions clearer so the students dont need to ask questions as
that adds on time for instruction, and minimizes the opportunity for more activity time.
I got the students to practice shooting the basketball without holding a basketball or a having a
hoop. I then got the students to shoot the basketball while actually holding the basketball but no
hoop. They then got to shoot the basketball with the hoop. As they were learning the skill for the
first time I didnt think adding a defender would be helpful for developing the skill. I think they
practiced at a high level for the skill level they were at. To improve their successful practice
opportunities I could make a target lower in height. The hoop was too high for the students to
shoot at.
I gave the students the opportunity to progress their skills by practicing without a ball and hoop,
then with a ball and no hoop, then with a ball and the hoop. I also offered the chance for students
to develop their skills by sending them to different hoops with a few other class mates where
they could help each other. To improve the skill development of the students I could have held a
hula hoop up or something at a lower level than the basketball hoop to help the students increase
their confidence and to get the students to understand the motion of the shot, before making the
target more difficult.
Strengths & Weaknesses in Pedagogical skill set
In the instant activity I mainly stayed on the side spectating while the students played chain tag.
At one point I had to stand in front of the pole because the students chain was so long that they it
spread past the pole and they had to stop to get everyone past it. In the main activity I walked
around a lot and got to all areas of the teaching space because the students were spread out across
the blacktop at the different basketball hoops.
Yes I provided COTS. I explained them in my demonstration and then kept on repeating them to
the students when they were shooting at the hoops.
I gave instructions when all the students were in front of me but judging from what the students
were doing after I said my instructions I dont think they were clear. The instructions were as
quick as they could be when the technique is complex for their age level. When I got the students
to practice the technique of shooting with the ball but no hoop they were supposed to shoot it
upwards, let it bounce and then pass it to their partner. What they did instead was pass the ball
when theyre shooting so there wasnt an upwards motion.
I provided a lot of one on one feedback to students when I saw them shooting with the incorrect
technique. I would tell them what they were doing wrong and what they should be doing. The
Teacher Movement systematic observation showed that I gave a lot of feedback to individuals
and small groups as I was walking around the different groups at each basketball hoop.
Yes, at the start of the main activity I did a demonstration to explain the basketball shot. I went
over the COTS as I did the demonstration. I didnt do a whole-part-whole method; I just did a

whole method demonstration. I had the students stand up and do the motion with me after I had
already done one demonstration. The instructions were sort of clear and understandable; I had to
change my wording a couple of times. For instance when I started the instructions I said that I
would teach the students the correct technique for how to shoot a basketball. One of the students
then asked me what a technique was. I said its how you do something. A few of the students
were able to reproduce the skill following the demonstration, but not many. Some of the students
were able to do the skill right when they didnt have a ball, but when they started practicing with
the basketball their form left.
The students always run to the ET for the equipment once I tell them to get in groups so the
equipment is dispersed fairly quickly to the students without disrupting the learning
The only way students were being disruptive in this lesson was shooting at the hoop when they
werent supposed to be. If I managed to catch them then I would tell them not to, and try having
them practice the skill somewhere further away from the basketball hoop so they wouldnt do it
I think my teaching showed enthusiasm. I wanted to help the students become skilled in
basketball shooting. I would walk around the blacktop and give the students feedback. I would
praise them if they were doing the technique correctly. If they werent then I would help improve
it in a nice way.
One teaching skill I did well was providing feedback to the students throughout the activity.
Having the correct technique for shooting a basketball is important so I would let the students
know if they could improve on something and I would give positive feedback too. Another
teaching skill I did well was teacher movement (in the main activity). The students were in
different corners and I walked around to each group several times. Although the instant activity
got a little violent near the end, I think another skill I did well was creating an engaging instant
activity. All the students were participating and having fun.
One teaching skill I would like to improve on is providing clear instructions for the activity. I
thought that the students would understand what I wanted them to do but they didnt do exactly
what I said after my instructions. Another teaching skill I would like to improve on is creating
more of an engaging main activity. Even though the students were moving around at their own
group hoop they werent all paying attention and practicing the skill. This made me think it was
boring. The third teaching skill I would like to improve on is being more authoritative. Not all
the students were listening to me when I was going through the COTS for the main activity.
Recommendations for next session
To improve in providing clear instructions for activity I could make them more specific so the
students know exactly what I am expecting of them. To create more of an engaging main activity
I think the students need to be moving more or cooperating more as a group so these are things I
should incorporate more into my lesson. To be more authoritative I need to act more on my
actions of saying Ill send the students to the cafeteria and actually do it. I also should say no to a

student once and then disengage with the conversation because arguing with them doesnt help
the situation.
I plan to do soccer next week. The psychomotor SLO will be for the students to be able to
confidently kick a soccer ball to another class member who is at least ten feet away from them by
kicking with the inside of their foot. I think that my cognitive SLO should include having the
students repeat the COTS while showing them to me because I think the students didnt
understand the COTS for the basketball shooting and that made most of their techniques