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measures to preserve forest heritage

1. Proclaim forest reserve

~ Forest is a precious natural heritage and should be protected. Logging,
poaching and no development is permitted in forest reserves. Example: Forest
Reserve in Sabah Danum Valley and Valley Forest Reserve, Perak.
2. Establish a national park
~ Parks countries have enacted since 1939 again.
Example: Taman Negara (Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang), Endau Rompin
National Park (Pahang and Johor), Kinabalu National Park, Crocker National Park and
National Park Tawau (Sabah), Bako National Park, Gunung Mulu National Park,
National Park Miri (Sarawak).
3. Controlling Illegal Logging Activities / Law Enforcement.
~ Illegal logging is controlled by air using helicopters and images / aerial
photographs. Illegal loggers captured bears legal action such as fines and
~ Monitoring in the air not only can detect illegal logging activities but also can
control the transfer of agricultural activities carried out by indigenous peoples.
Forest fires can also be monitored through the use of helicopters.
4. Environmental Education
~ Aiming to instill a sense of community forest concerned. Hopefully forest
damage can be reduced. Among subjects who cultivate a love for the environment
is Local Studies, Geography and Science. Sign clubs / associations can also play a
role, eg Nature Society (MNS) which is active in schools throughout Malaysia.
5. Environmental Campaign
~ Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) such as MNS and WWF also plays an
active role in enlightening the community through activities such as campaigns,
lectures and seminars. Among the campaign Earth Day or Earth Day, celebrated on
April 22 every year.