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Progress Report Memo

Date: October 14, 2015

To: iFixit
From: Mario Salguero, Raenicia Haworth, Alexa Easley, Helen Cho
Subject: iFixit Titan Techies Progress Report
Device: LG G Pad 8.3
Team tag : CSUF-BRUCE-F15S1G6
Camera : Provided by Dr. Bruce
Group email addresses : mariosalguero@csu.fullerton.edu, raenhaworth@csu.fullerton.edu,
alexaeasley@csu.fullerton.edu, hcho15@csu.fullerton.edu
The purpose of this memo is to inform iFixit about what we have accomplished, what we still
need to accomplish, and what problems we have encountered during our iFixit Technical Writing
Project on the LG G Pad 8.3.
We are on track to complete all parts of our project on time, and we have successfully completed
everything we initially aimed to by this point of the semester. So far, we have completed our
proposal and it was approved by the iFixit team. We completed and submitted Milestone 1,
received feedback, and submitted it again for iFixits approval. We have also completed a device
page and taken pictures of the disassembly. Currently, we are working on our first guide.
Problems Encountered
After submitting Milestone 1, our feedback from iFixit stated that some of the common problems
listed on our troubleshooting page would be difficult for typical users of the site to understand
easily because we stated them in a convoluted or technical manner. Because of this, we altered
our language with our audience in mind and added causes to problems we had listed on our
troubleshooting page (the italicized font). We have resubmitted this page and are eagerly
awaiting iFixit approval. Additionally, we realized when dismantling our tablet that it would be
very difficult to remove the screen, so we intend to replace this guide with guides for the front
facing camera and volume control buttons.
Completed iFixit Tasks
Project proposal
Milestone 1: Troubleshooting page (awaiting iFixit approval)
Milestone 2: Device page
We have taken pictures for our replacement guides
Current Work

Currently, we are working on completing our first replacement guide (the battery). We have
taken the pictures necessary and are working to add steps, descriptions, and formatting consistent
with iFixits standards.
Remaining Work
We still need to complete our first guide (Battery Replacement) and create five additional
replacement guides: speaker, front facing Camera, rear facing camera, motherboard, and volume
control buttons (Milestone 3). We also need to compete Milestone 4: Peer Review.
We are on track to finish all guides and turn in our projects on the assigned due dates.