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FILED ‘Tulsa County Election Board Cowart 30150003 DEC 10 205 ITION FOR CONTEST OF CANDIDACY the undersigned, am a candidate forthe Office of he att Bua: Pee Ti of fie, neliogDiaiet Nambe ey by virtue of having lawfully filed a Declaration of Candidacy during the filing petiod bela Deccarbee 2 sr +20 1S. Thereby contest the eaudidacy ‘ioe, Da) ‘ of evi Save amar oy (herein refered to as contesee) forthe same office, pursuant to Title 26, Section 5-118, ofthe Oklahoma Statutes, accompany tis petition witha cashier's check or ertfied check inthe amount of $250.00, ‘As the basis fortis contest, allege that the contestee was nat qualiiedby law to become a candida forthe office forthe reasons shown below: ecody Te Tite Mf fiat S10 Cudtle fo» Shonfe _ Must CoA fich Pence A fe I» ploubberrh OK tes Fyalithorn, Mg Sees i, ast Grad fief Potce on. Coren dhe Aecoados Ze Dk loa Stet Tiaatorey CONTESTS OF CANDIDACY - April, 2010 Page 21