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Qeuse LF 0150001 E ‘Tulsa County Election Board DEC 10 205 ITION FOR CONTEST OF CANDIDACY the undersigned, am a candidate for the Office of DY Rene 20 /5~_. Thereby contest the candidacy (iva DY tent of Toh, (herein refered to as conteste) for the same office, pursuant to Tile 26, Section 5-118, of the (Oklahoma Statues. t2ccompany this petition with cashier's check or certified check inthe amount of $250.00, ‘As the basis for this contest, allege thatthe contstee was not qualified by law to become a candidate for he office forthe reasons shown below: Pesetday Ge Zt hanks cf S10 A Cant tthe Coaahy Shall six Saal th Sak atin Dabo it dt aa Calibed Pole cee Cocos Me. Eteonty ed ofa Gelb Ps Pata. we Ce Tienes ~ Taso © Stick sod ‘ieted or Trpewriten Name) ale Love a (CONTESTS OF CANDIDACY - April, 2010 Page 21