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Lukas Znosko

Source 1)
Holoway, F. E., & Spriet, L. L. (11, August 2011). Sport-specific nutrition: Practical strategies
for team sports. Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 29. Retrieved from
Summary: In this article, the authors explain the importance of adding a proper nutritional
program in team sports. The authors' stance is that kids playing these sports need the right fuel
for their bodies in order to be able to perform at their highest potential. Also, getting kids away
from the caffeine and supplements is a way of keeping them healthier as well.
Question: This article helps to answer my action question, as it offers a solution through using
special programs to keep kids in sports healthier. It is important as it also includes a way that the
team as a whole can benefit from these nutritional habits.

Source 2)
Couture, S., Lamarche, B., Morissette, E., Provencher, V., Valois, P., Goulet, C., & Drapeau, V.
(2015). Evaluation of Sports Nutrition Knowledge and Recommendations Among High School
Coaches. International Journal Of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism, 25(4), 326-334
Summary: This article is written to test the knowledge of nutrition in coaches. The coach is
responsible for having this knowledge and through questionnaires the authors tested this
knowledge. The article also again looks to see if the coaches were offering the idea of
supplements on top of nutrition, which thankfully, was said to be rare.
Question: This article helps to answer the question of cause and effect because coaches can have
a great influence on what athletes know about nutrition. They are the mentors so it is important
that they know what to suggest to their athletes

Source 3)
Webber, K., Stoess, A. I., Forsythe, H., Kurzynske, J., Vaught, J. A., & Adams, B. (2015). Diet
Quality of Collegiate Athletes. College Student Journal, 49(2), 251-256.
Summary: This article researches the diet quality of collegiate athletes. Because of the fact that
these athletes demand so much of their bodies in action, the authors investigated just how good

their diets are. This article finds that athletes need more education on their diets as they were
high in sodium.
Question: This article helps to answer the question of value because it shows why nutrition is so
important in the lives of collegiate athletes. It indicates that not only the type of nutrition is
important, but also the necessity of the quality of it.

Source 4)
Prokop, N. W., Duncan, L. R., & Andersen, R. E. (2015). Do Canadian collegiate hockey players
accurately perceive body composition changes after unmonitored training and diet?. Applied
Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism, 40(10), 1056-1060. doi:10.1139/apnm-2015-0114
Summary: This article is a research that the authors conducted with hockey players to find out if
they knew how a 3 month period in their season affected their bodies. The authors conducted
questionnaires with the athletes in order to have a better understanding of what the athletes did or
did not know. They broke down the questions into body parts. With this they found out what
every part of the body would lose in mass or gain with no nutritional plan nor a set work out
routine. A key component was perceived vs. actual change. This means the difference between
what the athletes thought was going on with their bodies, and what was actually happening. This
shows a big problem in athletes' knowledge of nutrition.
Question: This source helps to answer my question of value because it highlights the lack of
nutrition and also the lack of knowledge that the athletes have of their bodies and how important
it is to maintain it. Also, the article highlights the problems that come along with not knowing
these things, and how it can affect the athlete's season.

Source 5)
Burkhart, S. J., & Pelly, F. E. (2014). Beyond sports nutrition: the diverse role of dietitians at the
Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. Journal Of Human Nutrition & Dietetics, 27(6), 639-647.
Summary: In this article, the authors talk about the importance of dietitians within sports. These
dietitians provide a sound and helpful nutritional program that help athletes stay fueled while
they play their sports. In these Commonwealth Games, dietitians again provided questionnaires
that assessed what regions and athletes paid close attention to their nutritional habits, and these
dietitians came up with how their roles in providing these plans is helpful and effective.
Question: This article helps to answer my question of action. This is because the role of these
dietitians can drastically improve the health of athletes, and provides a possible solution as to
how to get athletes to better understand how important nutrition is in sports.

Source 6)
Jinling, W., & Zhonghui, H. (2015). The Nutrition Improvement Effects Of Frucus Cannabis
Protein Powder On Athletes During Weight Control Process. Carpathian Journal Of Food
Science & Technology, 7(3), 102-108.
Summary: In this article, the authors describe how the improvement of the frucus cannabis
protein powder can help to increase the nutritional values of athletes in sports that require them
to control weight. Like in wrestling for instance, making weight in order to be able to compete is
crucial. This advancement makes doing this more healthy and easier which is crucial in the life
of the athlete.
Question: I would say that this article answers my value question because it is so important that
athletes, especially the ones that compete in these sports in which making weight is important,
know that they have healthy options for them to make their weight.