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Role of

Examples of Traditional
Warner broke up with Elle
because he believed that she
would not be able to meet his
familys expectations.
(Adherence to structure)
In the beginning all teachers,
through their command of the
classroom and instruction
style, demonstrated
behaviourists views of the
teaching learning process.
Professor Stromwell asked
Elle Woods to leave the
classroom because in her
opinion Elle was not prepared
for class.

Nature of

Elle Woods was dependent on

feedback from the instructor
as her form of motivation and
as a result decided to quit law
school after she realised that
her instructor did not give her
the internship because of her
abilities as a law student but
decided to go back after being
complimented by Professor
In the beginning the
professors maintained
traditionally structured
classrooms from the sitting
arrangement to the clearly
defined distinction between
the learners and teacher.

Examples of Reflective Practice

Suggestions for Improving

reflective Practice
Elle Woods family expected her to To improve reflective
be a model or fashion designer.
practice The families need to
However, she demonstrated
examine a little deeper and
flexibility by changing her goals
see the true potential of their
and going to Harvard instead.
love ones. They need to be
more flexible as well as
Through interaction and reflection encourage personal
Professor Stromwell's view of Elle empowerment and be more
changed. She became more
willing to accept personal
tolerant and reassuring by
encouraging Elle to remain at
To improve reflective
practice the teachers should
provide greater opportunity
As the movie progressed, Elle
to engage in structured
Woods became a self directed
reflection. They should
character. She was determined to
embrace and value diversity
prove her clients innocence in
and model ethical practises.
spite of what her teacher and
Lecturers need to embrace
colleagues thought.
different ideas of the student
which can in turn assist them
in being better prepared to
make use of collaborative
techniques which could
significantly improve the
teaching learning process.

Later on in the movie, there is a

shift from traditional to a more
progressive style of classroom.
(The students, mentor and
facilitator worked collaboratively
to solve a case).
In the first few scenes, the sorority
sisters all demonstrated affection
towards each other and worked
collaboratively to help Elle get
into Havard.

The lecture style

environment could be more
student friendly. A print rich
environment which fosters
reflection can be useful. A
group seating plan can
facilitate greater reflective
practises. The emotional
environment needs to be
more collaborative and less

Types of

Learning was structured.

Students referred to textbooks
and theories in some of the
classes viewed in the film.
Professor Carlahan
encouraged competition
among peers when he offered
only the best an opportunity
to get an internship at his
Rote memorization and
individual book study was a
prominent practice.

Nature of

of Learning

Lecture style presentations

were very evident.
Summative Assessment can
be seen in the beginning of
the movie where Elle is
required get a particular score
on her test in order to get into

Professor Carlahan believed

that he was the one with the
wealth of knowledge to be
passed on without challenge
or question from students.
This can be seen in the scene
where he refuses to accept
help from Elle in the

During the trial Emmet reinforced

the need for collaborative efforts
when he decided to use Elle's
suggestion in proving that the
witness was gay.
Students were seen working in
study groups, learning from each
other and forming bonds.
Learners met in a non-threatening
environment. As they sought to
learn about each other in the park
under the tree.

To facilitate greater reflective

practise the learning
activities should be be less
competitivily structured and
more collaborative in nature.

Elles practising her knowledge of

law on her hairdresser friends
former lover was reflective
practice that enabled her to build
her confidence.

Alternatives to tests were used as a

form of assessment in the movie.
Instead, discussions among tutors
and peers where feedback was
instantly given can be seen in
Students would discuss cases
where there was no wrong or right
answer, therefore the focus was
not on the product but in the
Professor Carlahan also
demonstrated reflectivity in his
practice by making his students
part of his team and displaying a
willingness to request and accept
suggestions from them.

To foster reflective practices

assessment should be more
processed based rather than
product based.

Learners should be given the

opportunity to be more
actively engaged in the
learning process and as a
result learn through and from
their own experiences.