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Boy 12, faces grown up murder charges

By: Madison N, Kekoa H, Tyler Y, and Matthew B

February 2009, Pennsylvania, A 12 year old boy named Jordan Brown was
charged for murdering his soon to be stepmother in bed with a shotgun. He faces
a life in prison charged with a slim chance to none for parole. Jordan was
considered a normal boy, his hobbies consisted of reading, riding bikes, and
football. It was hard to believe such a kid could commit a serious crime such as
murder. Kenzie Houk, the victim, was 8 months into pregnancy when this
happened. Due to his fathers fiancees pregnancy, he was charged for two
accounts of homicide, not just one. He is now a juvenile facing Major charges.

First Claim, Fact

12 Year old Jordan Brown is charged for murder against
Kenzie Houk and her unborn son.

Example 1
.Kenzie Houk in her bed with a bullet through her head. the search for her killer ended
with the most surprising murder suspect residents of Wampum, Pennsylvania, had ever
seen-11-year-old Jordan Brown, the son of the victims fiance. (Chen, pgh 1-2)
Evidence/Elaboration: Personal/Anecdotal Experience / Provide an anecdote
Rhetorical Devices Used: This quote contained the rhetorical device pathos which helped
the effectiveness of the article by explaining the tragic, devastating deaths of the victims in
a way where the audience would react to.

Example 2
Prosecutors also allege that there is strong physical evidence linking Jordan to
the crime. Police found gunshot residue on Jordans shirt. A state trooper testified
that the gun smelled like it had been freshly fired. (Chen, pgh 37)
Evidence/Elaboration: Expert Testimony / Provide data or expert opinions; Offer
evidence with one of the five senses
Rhetorical Devices Used: This quote used the rhetorical device logos which
helped the effectiveness by including facts and evidence for the audience to refer
to so that they will be fully informed on the case.

Second Claim, Action

Family wants him to be trialed as an adult in court.

Example 1
In almost half the states across the country, children can be prosecuted and tried
in adult court, according to the University of Texas' Lyndon B. Johnson School of
Public Affairs. Many of the laws passed were passed during a time when juvenile
crime spiked in the 1980s and 1990s. (Chen, pgh 11).
Evidence/Elaboration: Statistics / Provide statistics, facts or data; Names names;
Rhetorical Devices Used: The rhetorical devices used was logos and this helped
the effectiveness in the article by explaining how children can be prosecuted as
an adult, so the victim's family are allowed to want Jordan to be trialed as an
adult because he had taken two lives.

Example 2
In Pennsylvania, there is no lower limit for the age someone can be charged as
an adult with criminal homicide. If convicted, Jordan, now 12, faces life in prison
without the possibility of parole. (Chen, 5)
Evidence/Elaboration: Factual Example / Provide data and facts
Rhetorical Devices Used: The rhetorical device used for this quote is logos, which
helped the effectiveness by educating the audience what Jordans consequences
are if he is trialed as an adult.

Discussion Questions
Do you think the environment Jordan grew up in influenced him to commit
the crime?
What do you think are some factors that could have influenced Jordan to
even think about murdering his soon to be step-mom?
Do you think Jordans punishments were fair? Why/why not?
Do you think there was enough evidence to accuse Jordan of this crime?

Thank you for listening(: