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Gupta, C. P., Singh, B., & Marwaha, T. (2013). Relationship between Social Media and
Academic Performance in Distance Education. Universal Journal Of Educational Research,
1(3), 185-190
This article explains how the use of technology has impacted our generations education and
knowledge attainability. Also, the article speaks on how technology has changed over time and
how the uses for technology have now evolved. In addition, the author states that the majority of
social media and websites that allow teenagers to interact with one another is mostly used for
exchanging information and receiving it. Furthermore, this article speaks on how a student
performs academically has absolutely nothing to do with how much social media they use on a
daily basis, or for what reason a student uses technology for.
Sponcil, M. , & Gitimu, P. (2013). Use of social media by college students: Relationship to
communication and self-concept. Journal of Technology Research, 4, 1.
This research study was to observe college students and the use of social media in their daily
lives and how it affects a college students studies, and self-esteem. This study allowed students
to take a survey on their total usage of social media and technology, and also on their
socialization with family and their self-esteem related to school. The results that researchers
found was that the survey number of college student had at least one form of social media.
According to this research, 49 out of 41 college students claimed to use atleast 2 different
technological advancements in order to communicate with friends, family, peers, and strangers as
well. The use of email is by far the most popular way for college students to interact.

Martha Rios 2
Pempek, Tiffany. College students social networking experiences on Facebook. Journal of
Applied Developmental Psychology. June 2009. Web. 8 November 2015.
This article was written to describe the how much, why, and for what reason college students use
networking sites. In the study, undergraduate college students recorded their daily time logs of
the amount of time that they spent on social media and what they spent their time doing on these
networking sites. The ending results concluded that students use networking sites for about 30
minutes a day. The students, while on social media tend to look at pictures and observing posts
that friends and family might create. In addition, students use networking sites to express
themselves and to show a sense of identity.
DeAndrea, David. Serious social media: On the use of social media for students adjustment to
college. The Internet and Higher Education. January 2012. 8 November 2015.
This article speaks on the relation that social media and technology has on the adjustment
towards college. Studies were done by examining students who has just begin their first year in
college. The studies found that the usage of social media and technology had increased as they
began their first semester in college. Social media was the students way in expressing their
emotions and thoughts towards school.

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Social Media and Todays College Students

Effects of Social Media
Martha Rios
Louie Zarate
Alexis Reyes
Melissa Iglesias
Rosaisela Ascencio
California State University Northridge
9 November, 2015