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LaDawn Noble

August 26, 2015

Childrens Literature
General Questions

Do you believe these poems were ever introduced to students in school? If so what

message do you believe was conveyed to the students through these poems?
Do you think it would be appropriate to ever allow students (elementary aged) to read

these poems? Why or why not? Defend your answer.

Could these poems have possibly been written in a way to teach lessons to adults as well?
Why do you believe the children suffered such severe consequences when misbehaving
in these poems?


In the Cowslip poems there are clear patterns of consequences that appear as a result of
the childrens behavior. In The New Book the young child is rewarded for her
enthusiasm in learning and being so positive and caring towards her younger brother.
Such is the same in The Good Girl, because this child is polite and obedient she is often
praised for doing as she ought. When the children behave they endure positive

There is also a common pattern of violence within these poems. Every time a child
misbehaves they usually end up hurt or suffering in some ways. These poems were
probably used to teach children to be obedient and behave. When they would be unruly or
mischievous they would be scared that they would end up hurt in some way.