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Jocelyn Talavera
Professor Holly Batty
English 113A
29 November 2015
Drug Addiction: Celebrity Influences Lead to Death
In the previous years, influences were mainly made by family, whether they were good
influences or bad ones. Now a days society revolves around what is seen through the media. For
instance new celebrity tends or who just released their latest new hit single. Along with that
theres a mixture between celebrity gossip and the latest teenage factors, drugs and alcohol.
Although the media may say that teenagers are still being influenced to drugs and alcohol by
close relationships, I argue that this influence is now made by the media themselves, more
specifically celebrities. Take into consideration the major influence that celebrities have in the
teenage community, just as important are the songs written by such artist, but above all we must
remind ourselves of the celebrities who have passed away due to drugs or alcohol. How is it that
the get ahold of such substances? Would money have something to do with it? Celebrities,
knowing that they have well income should use it to prevent future deaths due to drugs or
Despite of my perspective, the media still as of today place the blame on close
relationships or their surroundings to why teenagers are getting addicted to alcohol and drugs at
such a young age. These relationships can vary from family to friendships. As reported in the
journal article Family and Environmental Factors of Drugs Addiction Among Young Recruits by
Marian Jedrzejczak, she claims that it is more common for drug addicts to come from families

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where the surrounding is filled with ill will and hostility. In other words the individual is
surrounded by malice behavior, no warmth within the family whats so ever. That being said this
leads to her second statement, which is the influence of a relative who is already addicted to
drugs or alcohol. In my opinion her second statement cannot only reflect on a relative but
friendships and other bonds as well. As an illustration, say that the individual spends quite some
time with the addict causing them to feel as if they dont belong causing them to do the same
activities as them just so they wont feel left out. Though I concede that these influences come
from close bonds, I still insist that now days these major influences on drugs and alcohol is
mainly made by celebrities.
Now that technology has advanced the younger generation, now have cellphones
and are owners of accounts such as Instagram and twitter. This may be a factor to why teenagers
idolize celebrities so much and are easily beginning to be addicts of drugs and alcohol. They see
such examples of celebrities on their social media and assume it isnt a bad thing to do since
celebrities were allowed to post it to the public. Being young, teenagers arent fully aware of
their actions. It is obvious that celebrities are a major influence on the young minds. It is seen
through society, which is widely shown through the trends in wardrobe and as of today even in
attitudes. There are times where teens seem to mirror attitudes of celebrities to become popular
or well known on social media. Ultimately, what is at stake here is the fact that teenagers are
easily influenced by their idols.
The generations today seem to focus mainly on music. Although music has always been
around, today everyone seems to expect a new hit single every now and then. Compared to music
lyrics a few decades back, the lyrics today have changed drastically. It almost seems ridiculous.
Artist today write lyrics based on drugs and alcohol. What a way to make the world a better place

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right? Famous artist such as Afroman, Wiz Khalifa, and Kid Cudi are all well known for their hit
singles, which all include the topic on drugs. Afromans song Because I Got High already
gives an idea of what the song is going to be about. Throughout the song he basically reports the
things that happened to him because he was under the influence. Moving on, in the hit single
Young, Wild and Free by Wiz Khalifa, the chorus of the song, So what we get drunk, so what
we smoke weed, were just having fun we dont care who sees, so what we got out thats how its
supposed to be indicates an example of what should be done being young, wild and free. Wiz
gives such influences that can ruin ones future life. In addition yet another artist is Kid Cudi,
mainly played at parties and other related social gatherings. The song played in almost every
party Ive attended, the Pursuit of Happiness. Although it has a catchy tune the lyrics said
throughout the song elaborate on smoking a joint and having a good time due to the effects of the
substance. Crush a bit, roll it up take a hit feeling lit feeling light. Music now a day literally
influence drugs and alcohol to society. They creatively describe their experiences through music
and attract teenage minds. Celebrities should keep in mind what their music is doing to society.
Above all, why havent celebrities learned from previous celebrities who have passed
away due to drugs or alcohol? Many have been reported. Consider Whitney Houston and Elvis
Presley. The female singer Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room along with
Benzodiazepines and alcohol, which are a deadly combination according to John Burke. On the
other hand, Elvis was found dead by his fianc. Two months after his death a toxicology report
demonstrated that Elvis had a combination of 14 drugs including plenty of barbiturates. Who
would think that such individuals who were living the life suffered from such an addiction?
Assuming they had friendships and obviously the money to survive, why was it so difficult for
them to seek for help? Without a doubt I agree with John Burkes when he states, Celebrity

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deaths from addiction should give the media an opportunity to educate the public about the
substance abuse issues. In other words they should demonstrate consequences of substance
abuse. It begins with losing friendships then results in losing your life.
Many people assume that since they are celebrities they have no connections to drugs or
alcohol. Mentioned in the article Learning from the addiction- related deaths of celebrities
celebrities obtain substances by the help of their managers, groupies, friends and even doctors!
Yes doctors! Doctors help by forging prescriptions. This is all done due to the amount of money
offered. The power of the celebrity as I call it. This money should be used for a better cause
rather than affecting your health or jeopardizing another persons career.
In conclusion, celebrities should think about what they have done to society. Now more
than ever should they use their money to construct rehab centers or treatment program to help
those who have already been affect by drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, they should be using their
publicity to demonstrate such consequences. Being committed to such things causes them to be
idolized by not only surviving addicts but parents as well. Rehab centers can prevent future
deaths and create better generations. Being healthy can affect them by being successful in life.

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