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LGBTQ Reflection

In my revised essay for LGBTQ, I first began with changing the title. Before my essay
was titled LGBTQ youth homelessness, and I didn't think that the title was that creative at all. I
changed it to Discrimination and Ignorance against LGBTQ homelessness since it gave it a better
understanding of what I would be talking about specifically. In the first paragraph my thesis
became a more clear and I also talked about what I would want to propose to prevent specifically
LGBTQ youth homelessness. I had also came across my body paragraphs differently and began
to go more in depth of the struggles LGBTQ adolescents already go through apart from being
homeless. I had also gone more into depth on how LGBTQ youth should have more rights on
having their own identification since many do not have them after being kicked out of their
homes. As well as how LGBTQ adolescents have a much higher percentage of being diagnosed
with disorders than heterosexuals because the LGBTQ youth are targeted much more easily and
in the homeless shelters. Finally, I added in my conclusion how child welfare and government
fundings are not sufficient enough how they are said to be. I had added how they are not
targeting LGBTQ adolescents or helping them enough how they should be helping them the
same as heterosexuals. I proposed more government funding and supported this by stating how
the government should do this by following the fourteenth amendment with the LGBTQ youth