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Haley Verhaeghe

EDCI 270
Case #5 Narrative
In education, bullying is always going to happen and I feel like it is going to
take a lot in order to stop it. But in todays educational system, bullying has evolved
from slamming students into lockers or swirling their heads in toilets to spreading
rumors and making mean comments about each other through cyberspace. Even
though most of this bullying happens at home, it always finds its way back into the
school. In my research, I found that over half (52%) of young people have reported
being bullied through social media sites and as educators, we need to help decrease
that number by the responsibilities that they posse.
The main responsibility that a teacher has when it comes to cyberbullying is
teaching the students right from wrong. Forbidding technology would not work
because even though the bullying would stop during the school hours, they would
still be able to do it outside of the classroom. But when teaching the students what
is right verses what is wrong would possibly open their eyes to see why
cyberbullying is wicked. Also, a responsibility that teachers have would be to
educate themselves about the updated forms of cyberbullying and the signs to
identify that cyberbullying is taking place. This is needed because another
responsibly that teachers can have is to be a trusted adult for a student to talk to,
so if you know about the subject then it would be easier for the student to turn to
you for help. Overall, I think the responsibility of the teacher falls into the category
of just being aware of the situations that are happening in your school and then
trying end it.
When an educator does identify that bullying is happening and acts on, then I
think there are a couple steps that teachers should take when addressing bullying.
First, teachers need to learn to take it seriously. In my research, I found that there
are many teachers (nearly 1/3) dont do anything about cyberbullying because they
just think kids are being kids, but as teachers we have to take everything
seriously. Showing that you are serious about the situation will let the student know
you care and want to end the bullying for them. Then to overcome the issue,
teachers should ask the student to speak up and let the school, the parents, and the
bully to get involved to help find the right response.
I think the affordance of technology for educational purposes does outweigh
the drawbacks such as cyberbullying. In todays world, technology is super
important and gives both the teacher and the student so many opportunities to
continue learning. Unfortunately, some students may use the technology for evil
instead of good but I still feel like the need for technology is important in the
classroom and will be needed.