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Prayer for Liberation of Brother and Sister Animals.

May all sentient beings in

the animal realm subject to unbearable pain in labs throughout the world be free
from suffering. May alternatives to animal experimentation and testing be used
immediately. May Bodhicitta fill the hearts of those who imprison them. May al .
..l sentient beings from the animal realm who suffer endless days, months, years
locked in tiny cages unable to move, be filled with peace and calm. May the man
y billions waiting in slaughterhouse lines be free of fear. May the hearts of th
ose who work in abattoirs be filled with Bodhicitta so the very thought of harm
is purified. May they never kill again and may the slaughterhouse lines become i
mmediately empty. May no animal be afraid or depressed. May their bodies be free
of injuries, disease and illness. May those who need homes, or who have been dr
iven from them find shelter, plentiful food & water. May there be liberation for
those tortured for fur, entertainment or who are hunted. May those who believe
they are superior to our brother & sister animals develop perfect equanimity. An
d may they realise in their hearts that all sentient beings possess Buddha natur
e And they are not ours to kill or exploit. May the many billions of land and se
a dwelling sentient beings who are abused, exploited and killed due to greed, ha
tred and ignorance be free of suffering May they experience complete and perfect
enlightenment, through the virtue of my efforts and prayers. May I be a voice f
or the voiceless. In short, may all human and non-human sentient beings live tog
ether in harmony, peace and equanimity and achieve perfect Enlightenment quickly
. Composed by Trisha Roberts from Liberation of Brother and Sister Animals. http
://www.lobsa.org Go vegan for peace, for all living beings and for climate chang
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