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Tanjong Rhu is a story about the relationship between Mr.T.W. Li , is a rich businessman
in the shipping business and his mother, Ah Ma. Mr.Li's office is Shenton Way is a modern as he
is. His mother however, is a traditional with strong religion beliefs and practices ancestor
worship. Ah Ma and Mr. Li have a close relationship. The day after Ah Ma's funeral, Mr. Li
recalls the day he brought his mother a pair of binocular.
Mr. Li's excitement was dashed when his mother didn't use it the way he wants to. Mr. Li
wants her to have a better vision, but Ah Ma can only see Tanjong Rhu of the past through the
binocular. Indirectly, Ah Ma is trying to make Mr.Li remember who he was before he became a
serius businessman. Mr.Li cannot remember all the details of his childhood and when he tried to
ask Ah Ma, she had already became too sick to talk to him.
The story ends with Mr.Li trying to fulfill Ah Ma's wish of getting the key to the drawer that
keep her important things for the altar. In the process of looking for the key, Mr.Li suddenly
could see Tanjong Rhu.

Tanjong Rhu, Singapore (pg 18)

Mr T.W. Li office (pg 18) (pg 27-29) (pg 33)
Singapore harbor (para 3, line 2, pg 19)
Mr T. W. Li house
The swimming pool in the garden (para 6, line 1, pg 20)
The family altar (para 2, line 2, pg 25)(pg 35-6)
Hospital (pg 30 33)


Modern days (pg 18, modern ways and modern ideas)



Traditional Chinese family

Characters and Characteristics

Mr T. W. Li
Mr T. W. Lis mother or Ah-Ma
Mr T. W. Lis daughter, Ying

Mr T. W. Li

Kind-hearted (pg 19, para 4, He looked.operation)

Responsible man
o Always make sure there are people working at the harbor (pg 19, There were
68and time)
o Take cares of his mother (page 22, What about.clearly?)
o He was upset to see his daughter shows no respect to his mother (pg 26, Mr Li
o He was mad to see his daughter playing with his mothers eyelids (pg 32, He
looked up at Ying.dying)

Mr T. W. Lis mother or Ah-Ma

o Stubborn
o She doesnt want to undergo eye operation although it will bring good to her
in the future (pg 22, Who says I cannot.knife!
o Soft-hearted for his son
o Although his son seems to be upset with her, she try to fix what she had done
(pg 23 -25 , But Mother, thatstepped inside
o Strict about the traditional tradition
o She argues with her granddaughter over some joss sticks for praying (pg 2526, Minutes later..wants!

Mr T. W. Lis daughter, Ying

o Responsible
o She loved helping her grandmother (pg 25, Ying especially loved.altar.)

o Impatient
o She always wanted things to go fast, she does not like slow things (pg 25, Let
me do it, Popo,.wont hurry, Baba.)
o Cheerful
o Although her grandmother was sick bed, she moved behind her grandmother and
pulled her grandmothers eyelids up, to cheer things up (pg 31-32, She moved
behind..Ask her something.)