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My experience observing was really good. I choose to do my

observation at Caddo Mills
middle school with coach Slagle. He was in his second year teaching when I
was a senior in high
school. Coach Slagle and I have a really good relationship so that made the
experience easier
and more comfortable. At the beginning of the day we stood outside the
classroom and greeted
students as they came to class. After the bell rang Coach Slagle asked the
students to turn in
their homework. While the students followed his instructions he took the role.
I thought this
was a great example of time on task. I noticed the students seating
arrangements was spreadout. The girls sat on one side of the room and the boys on the other. There
was 8 students in is
class. From there Coach asked the students to open their books to previous
days assignment.
He then started asking questions to ensure the students understood the
previous lesson. After
the review was done he picked a student to read the new chapter. After the
reading was done
he picked out key word and give verbal and visual examples of each word.
Some students were
more involved with the demonstration while others had their head down
writing in their
notebook. Some student was very vocal with giving feedback and answering
questions. Theses
student would also stray off topic and Coach Slagle did a great job keeping
them on task. He

would say lets move on and the students new to stop and focus back on
the lesson. Coach
Slagle ask the student to do the review at the end of the chapter. He ask
them to write the
question and the answer. He helped the students that had question but he
never gave them the
answers. He told them where to look to find the answer in the book. As the
student worked on
the assignment Coach graded the homework from the day before. We had to
change class rooms after the period was over. At this time I was able to talk
to the other teacher everyone was very nice and friendly Coach Slagle also
taught 7th
grade health. He had to adjust the content of the lesson from his 6th grade
class to the learning
level of the 7th graders. It was interesting to see him teach the same content
but the way he

taught was more advance for the older students. At the end of class if the
student wasnt done
with the review they took the assignment home to continue to work on it. He
added a reward
for the student that got a signature from their parent on the completed
review. He added 10
points to the test. I thought this was a great way to get the parents involved
with the learning
process. The students were also really excited to get an extra 10 point on the
test so Im sure
most student completed the review and got the parents signature. In
concussion I really
enjoyed this experience and it motivated me ever more to finish my degree
to become a

teacher and coach. By doing this classroom observation I will feel more
comfortable in the
classroom and it gave me a lot of great ideas to use in my future classes.