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Music Lessons with Rebecca Shealy

Band Instruments
All ages!
Contact info: rshealy@savcps.com
Call or text: 478.420.0857


I started taking piano lessons at the age of 9. I continued with my formal studies until I was 17 years old. At the
age of 13, I taught myself how to play the guitar by reading a book and listening to worship music. When I was in
the 7th grade, I had determined that teaching music was what I wanted to do with my life. I played percussion in
middle school and high school. I went to Georgia Southern University to major in Music Education, with percussion
being my primary instrument. I was the only female on GSUs snare line for the marching band, the only female in
the percussion studio, and sat first chair in the wind ensemble for 4 years. I graduated with my bachelors degree
in 2009 and continued at GSU obtaining my masters degree in instrumental conducting. In 2012, I was offered the
band director position at Screven County Middle School where I taught four band classes and three general music
classes to 500 students every day. I also assisted with Screven County High School Marching Band. 2015 brought
me to SAVCPS, where I am thoroughly enjoying teaching elementary aged students how to fall in love with music.

I am certified by the state of Georgia to teach every instrument for K-12 students. I am contracted with Lee County
High School to write the drumline and front ensemble music for their marching band show every year. I spend two
weeks in July at LCHS teaching the drumline proper playing technique and the show music. The drumline has
received superior ratings and best in class at competitions for the past 6 years. I led worship at a church in
Statesboro for 5 years, and now play guitar and piano at my current church, Compassion Christian Church (a
branch of Savannah Christian Church).


I will be offering two types of lessons per quarter. Group lessons (piano & guitar only) are a great way for a child to
determine whether or not they will like an instrument and how fast they may pick up on the instruction. I highly
recommend private lessons. Individual instruction caters directly to a childs unique learning ability and allows me
to teach for that student and not be tied down to the pace and attention of a class. To truly learn and know music
on an instrument requires one-on-one instruction.


Group study students will get a basic knowledge of music; how to read treble clef and bass clef, body position
and placement of hands, how to count and read basic rhythms, how to play basic songs. Individual study
students will learn all of that and more; theory of musical concepts, scales, strengthening techniques, beginner to
intermediate music, all depending on the childs level of musical experience. It is my responsibility to make sure
these students have an understanding of music within the parameters of time, space, and expression.



Placement is limited and will fill up fast! Each lesson meets once a week and will last 30 minutes. All fees are due
by the second lesson in each quarter or your child will be removed from the schedule.

GROUP LESSONS = PIANO OR GUITAR: $250 per quarter: January 11 - March 15 (recital on March 15)

March 29 - May 25 (recital on May 25)

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS ON ANY INSTRUMENT: $480 per quarter: January 11 - March 15 (recital on March 15)

March 29 - May 25 (recital on May 25)
*Additionally, materials will be purchased and added to the lesson fee. Materials will be determined by third lesson
and may include books, individual sheet music, and items particular to a certain instrument.

Mondays (CP CAMPUS): 7:45AM-8:15AM

Wednesdays (DA CAMPUS): 7:45AM-8:15AM


3:50PM-4:20PM (Group Piano)



Tuesdays (CP CAMPUS): 7:15AM-7:45AM


Thursdays (CP CAMPUS): 7:15AM-7:45AM



3:50PM-4:20PM (Group Guitar)



Fridays (CP CAMPUS): 7:15AM-7:45AM



As much as I would love to be able to teach every student individually on an instrument, sometimes it doesnt
work out that way. Here are a few things to consider regarding private lessons:
1. Does your child have access to the instrument at home?
Practicing at home is a MUST in any lesson. Receiving instruction for 30 minutes, once a week, will not be
enough for them to learn music properly. I require that students have their chosen instrument at home to
practice on and can dedicate approximately 30 minutes to an hour of practice daily. If your child is interested
in learning a band instrument, I can direct your questions about renting or purchasing one to local companies.
2. Age
It is recommended that students begin taking lessons around age 7, or first grade. This is mainly due to the
growth of the body. Students need to be able to comfortably reach their fingers at least to 6 or 7 notes on a
keyboard of a piano, at least two frets on a guitar, and to be able to hold a band instrument properly. The
student also needs to be able to read comfortably. Music is much more than shapes formed on a page; it
contains expression words, titles, playing words, dynamics, and tempos. The student should know the first
seven letters of the alphabet, known as the Musical Alphabet, forwards and backwards.
3. Independence and Ambidexterity
Does your child know their right from their left? Playing an instrument demands that the hands do independent
things at the same time. This is not a deal breaker, but if a student has trouble with knowing the difference, or
is very dependent on one hand, they will end up frustrated and it may take some time for them to become
4. Does the student actually WANT to take lessons?
This is a big one. Please be sure the student really wants to learn an instrument and understands the
commitment that is involved. If not, then youll end up paying for one expensive babysitter. It will be fun for
them if they truly want to learn and are engaged in the learning process. I cant do it all for them; they must
meet me halfway.


If you would like some more information, please feel free to email, text, or call and I will answer every question you
may have. When the agreement is made, I will ask you and your student to sign a contract that will be turned in
with the payment. This ensures a level of accountability between teacher and parent and student. It is a three way
team and mutual agreement is a must. Contact information is on the cover page. I look forward to hearing from