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Date of Lesson: 12/10
General Unit of Study- Current
Topics in Education
Days Lesson Concept

Subject: Invitation to Teach

Name of unit: Final Lesson

Grade Level: 12th

Name of lesson concept: Using Meditation and Mindfulness to Increase

Student Engagement

Umbrella Question to be answered with this lesson: How can

Meditation/Mindfulness be used in the classroom to re-engage
Learner Characteristics

Content Objectives

Process of Learning

Post assessment

Instructional Strategies
Teacher talking

Number of students: 14
Age(s): 17-18
Boys: 2
Girls: 12
Special Needs: 0
Behavior Problems: 0
What are two or three main things you want them to learn from your
Today the students will be able to: Practice using meditation and
mindfulness in a variety of ways. Support/defend their decision to
incorporate meditation in the classroom as future teachers, in a written

How will you link the new materials to prior learning? In my first lesson on
Meditation/Mindfulness we watched a YouTube clip and the students
made mind jars. The students will now be constructing their own mind jars
for one of the activities.
What will students do? The students will put their backpacks in the back
corner of the room then they will re-arrange the desks by pushing them to
the sides of the room and leaving a space in the middle for yoga. Next, I
am going to give an introduction on my topic with a 5 minute introduction
powerpoint. Students will then be going to a few different stations I have
prepared with directions and materials and completing the activities. The
lesson will end with the students moving the desks back and taking a seat
for the assessment. Im going to pass out a reflection and they will answer
the ?s, and finally hand them in to me when they are done. If no time-
they will complete them for homework.
How long will be spent on each part (timing)?
1)Moving the desks and setting up material 9:50-10:00
2)Introduction and explanation of lesson: ppt 10:00-10:10
3)Stations 10:10-10:35

Will all students be doing the same thing? Yes
How will you know if students understand the content objectives? By the
When will assessment occur? After the stations.
How will you get the students attention? By introducing my topic
How are you going to teach this lesson? Small group work
How will you summarize and check for understanding? Individual

Student interactions
Individual seat work
Small group work
Lesson closure
Instructional Materials
Writing on board
Worksheets (name)

What materials will you use to teach the lesson?

-1 Yoga mat + yoga book
-My computer: show video + 14 mini jars, glitter, water, + visual of my
already done mind jar
-Printed coloring sheets, markers, Crayons
-Assessment worksheet
-Mini chocolate bars

ITT/gradedlesson/lesson plan/1/13/do