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Class: Social Studies

10th 2015

Grade: 2

Topic: Three Communities

Date: Dec.


Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of

how geography, culture, language, heritage, economics and
resources shape and change Canadas communities.


Investigate the physical geography of an Inuit, an Acadian, and a

prairie community in Canada.



Investigate the cultural and linguistic characteristics of an Inuit,

an Acadian and a prairie community in Canada.
Students will design a postcard that depicts topographical and/or
cultural characteristics pertaining to one of the three
communities studied to date.
Flip Chart Paper
Post-it notes
Smartboard sample activity
Postcard templates

(7 Min)

(20 Min)

Assessment Methods
Post-it note review.
Students will write down one interesting
fact or word they have learned about
one of the three communities studied
this year. Then they will pass it on twice
randomly. They will quietly read their
new sticky and I will call them up one by
one to place the word or phrase in one
of the circles representing each of the
Do a sample smartboard activity.
Ask students if they know what a
collage is. Discuss.
Ask if students know what a postcard is.

Students generation of
answers and placement
on Venn diagram.

Answers to Questions.

Sponge Activity

Have students come up and make a

collage postcard pulling images from
Crowsnest Pass to complete it. Ask
them to help write five sentences about
the Crowsnest Pass and why they
should visit.
Transition to next activity. Now we are
going to try this same activity but you
all get to choose either Saskatoon,
Meteghan or Iqaluit. I expect you to do
your very neatest cutting, gluing and
printing because I will be collecting
these for marks and we will be
displaying them tomorrow. That means
you have 25 minutes to finish today so
use your time wisely. There are lots of
pictures that Im placing on the back
table. They are not sorted so you will
have to figure out which pictures goes
with which community. Iqaluit will
probably have lots of snow, Meteghan
will be by the ocean and Saskatoon will
be flat. What is a good strategy before
you start cutting and gluing your

Images students pull to

represent Crowsnest


Pick your pictures. Cut them out one by

one and glue them on. Make sure you
leave enough time for writing.

(5 -10 Min)

Students will work on their own

postcard using min of 5 pictures and no
more than 10 pictures. They will then
write min of 3 sentences to a loved one
talking about why they should visit that
particular place.
Share their postcard with an elbow
buddy before clean up.


Observations of
students oral
descriptions of
completed project.