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Austin Nichols
English 1100
Mrs. Bellinger

Flight Is An Asset
The choice of a career is the most important decision in life. Personality has the most
effect on what career is chosen. This influences the choice made and what road is taken to
acquire the career. Many factors in personality influence a decision made like interests, skills,
fear, determination and beliefs. To help guide the choice in career is having a mission to fulfill
your goals and holding a vision for life. Striving for a goal in life, like a career, is a mission that
needs to be accomplished. This will be done by planning and executing a plan of action to meet
the end goal. Having a vision of life sets your mind of its beliefs and what should be done to
fulfill them. Growing with personal values impacts what career is chosen because a person holds
a standard for everything they believe in. These values are what supports a person and what they
live to be. There are other factors such as personality, temperament, and academic skills that
impact a career choice. The ways you think and who you are affect choices by telling you what
interests you, and helps you think you have the mindset to accomplish them. Being aware of
what things anger you will also influence your decision based on your dislikes and discomforts.
Academic skills that you have and develope will have a major impact because you can't do
something that you are not good at. The skills you do have though will be your advantage, and
they will filter into what you can do for your lifelong career.
The ability of flight has impacted the entire world and without it the world we live in
today would be completely different. To not only experience it but share the gravity defying

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ability of flight but share it as well is a very unique job to have. There are not many who can
share the feeling of flight and becoming a commercial helicopter pilot will give you this ability
that few can have. This career is simply a service being provided to the people of the world in a
peaceful environment, not actions in war. Skills needed for this career are critical thinking,
operation and control, monitoring, active listening, judgment and decision making, coordination,
systems analysis, instructing, time management, and troubleshooting (O*Net). To be a pilot you
also must have knowledge of transportation, customer and personal service, geography, english
language, public safety and security, computers and electronics, mathematics, administration and
management, education and training, and machanical knowledge (O*Net). The average day in
this career is varying by what job it is you are doing. Peter Murray does charter work as a pilot,
and this means when a call comes in, he flys out to transport people to their desired location.
Peters average day consists of flying the helicopter, of course, but also doing maintenance on the
helicopter, loading people, ensuring their safety, and moving equipment around the hanger. The
tasks you will have can vary on the field of piloting you go into, such as law enforcement,
medical, or touring. Acording to the Internation Buisness Machines Corperation on Salary.com,
The median annual helicopter pilot salary is $87,082 with a range usually between $73,833$112,003. However, the salary for someone with the title Helicopter Pilot may vary depending on
a number of factors including industry, company size, location, years of experience and level of
education.(IBM) Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools, related on-thejob experience, or an associate's degree(O*Net). Charlie Duchek, former Chief Pilot and Flight

Instructor for Midwest Aeronautical Training, suggests having a minimum of 150 hours of flying
time to obtain a commercial pilot rating. There are currently around 38,000 employees in the
commercial helicopter position (O*Net). This career requires much patience and persistence

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because you have to build your hours and work your way up the totem pole to obtain the rank
you want. The first job you get may not be desired, but with effort and dedication, you can wait
for the opportunity to get the pilot position you have worked so hard to get.
Gathering surveillance information, taking photos, touring, medical transportation,
logging, and news gathering are just a few services of many others that are offered to society by
these talented pilots. These pilots perform tasks for the benefit of others and the world in general.
Todays people use cars for their daily transportation. The gas they get to fuel their cars is
provided by big oil companies. most oil rigs are offshore due to the locations of oil deposits.
Pilots are able to to transport the oil workers to their off shore rigs. This allows the oil workers to
continue their work to provide gas for the general public. Without pilots doing this action, the
process of extracting oil from remote locations around the world would be much more difficult.
Also, pilots perform duties such as logging forests for timber companies, which provides the
world wood for the construction of buildings and paper for schools educating the next
generation. Radio towers that give us signal for our cellular phones are built with the lifting
abilities of the helicopter. News and law enforcement are provided services's from pilots because
they survey the event that is taking place, giving them vantage points and information that would
otherwise not have been accessible. There are so many other services that commercial helicopter
pilots provide, and without them certain tasks would be difficult or not able to be done without
There is a very short window of time to save a person in critical condition. This window
of time is referred to as the golden hour. Some people are injured in locations too far for ground
transportation to be able to make it to the hospital in time. pilots provide a much faster way to
transport patients to medical attention. This greatly increases the chance for the patient to live.

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Also, the helicopter can access remote locations that ground units cannot and without this lives
could not be saved. The life of a person is very serious and without helicopter pilots and their
abilities, most lives would be unsavable. Without helicopter pilots, not only are certain lives
unsavable but oil and other resources would be inaccessible. The phones we use everyday would
have no signal because the radio towers giving the signal would never have been built. Our
homes would not have stable electricity because pilots give us reliability by flying around
analyzing the miles and miles of wire stretched across the country. The world overall would be
negatively affected if the helicopter pilot never existed.
Flight is an action against gravity but and action for world change. people with optimism
and adventure are deffinent pilots. This career is like no other and separates itself to stand above
all others moving the country forward day by day. Without it we would be stuck in a world
without the power to evolve and be grounded from revolutionary accomplishments. Flight has
gave the world the ability to soar and evolve because there are no limits to the sky. Having no
limits the commercial helicopter pilot will continue to push the bar with a unbeatable mission.
The mission is only a process of evolution for these pilots for they only pass on this ability that
has changed the world around us forever.

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