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Chemistry Project

The three products that I have chosen for my project are as follows, for the cleaning supplies I used Axe
Shampoo, Flavor: Anarchy
Ice cream Flavor: any
Motrin/Ibuprofin flavor: Medicine

The five Ingredients I have chosen from each are as follows, from the axe shampoo, Sodium Laureth
Sulfate. This chemical formula is CH3(CH2)10CH2(OCH2CH2)nOSO3Na. It is used as a foaming agent.
Molar mass is around 420 g/mol.
The second ingredient I have chosen is Cocamidopropyl, this chemical formula is C19H38N2O3. This
ingredient is used because of its relative calmness when reacting with other chemicals. This agent gives
no allergenic reactions
when reacting with people with sensitive skin or anything like that. It helps lower the MOE, which

stands for measure of exposure. Molar mass is around 342.51662 g/mol.

The Third Ingredient is Tetrasodium Edta or Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid this chemical formula is
C10H16N2O8. This chemical agent is used because it is a preservative. It is made from Formaldehyde and
Sodium Cyanide.

Molar mass is 292.24 g/mol.

The fourth chemical I have chosen is Methylisothiazolinone. This agent is used because it is a
preservative and a powerful cleaning agent. It's chemical formula is C4H5NOS. Molar Mass is 115.1

The fifth and final chemical I have chosen is Iron Oxide, whose chemical formula is Fe2O3, Molar Mass is
159.69. They use this in shampoo to color the shampoo.

The second product I have decided to look at was in the food section, and it was Ice cream.

The first Ingredient I have chosen from ice cream is water. This chemical formula was H2O. Water gives
Ice cream the texture we so dearly love. Molar mass is 18.01 g/mol

The second ingredient I have chosen is rock salt. This chemical formula was NaCl. Molar mass is 58.44
g/mol. This is used to help lower the freezing/boiling point of ice cream.

The third Ingredient I have chosen is Sugar, which is actually the chemical formula is C12H22O11, the
sugar we normally think of is just a monosacchride, while sugar is actually a disacchride. This helps
provide a lower boiling/freezing point for the ice cream. It helps disrupt the formation of the crystals that the
water tries to make when it freezes. Molar mass is 342.3 g/mol.

The fourth ingredient I have chosen is milk, which is really just water and lactose, which is sugar as
mentioned above. This helps stabilize the air in the ice cream. Molar mass is molar mass of water plus
molar mass of lactose, which is 360.31528.

The fifth ingredient I have chosen is vanilla extract, from vanilla beans, just to make it close to home. It's
chemical formula is C8H8O3. Molar mass is 152.157 g/mol. This agent was used because of the flavor it
offered to the ice cream that we love so dearly.

The third product I have chosen is Ibuprofin pain relief, more specifically motrin, which has ibuprofin in it.

The first ingredient I have chosen is silicon dioxide. This chemical formula is SiO2, molar mass is 60.8
g/mol. it is used particularly because it can absorb hygroscorpic acids.

The second ingredient I have chosen is titanium dioxide. This chemical formula is TiO2. Molar mass is
79.866 g/mol. it is used because of the pigments it provides.
The third ingredient I have chosen is Magnesium Stearate. The chemical formula is Mg(C18H35O2)2. This
ingredient is used because it acts as a lubricant to the process while it is getting assembled in the factory.
Molar Mass is 591.27 g/mol.

The fourth ingredient I have chosen is Stearic Acid, pretty similar to the one above, the chemical formula is
C18H36O2. Molar Mass is 284.4772 g/mol. This ingredient is used because it is a waxy solid, to give the
"pleasant" texture it gives when it goes down your throat.

The fifth Ingredient I have chosen is Hypromellose. The chemical formula is C56H108O30. Molar mass is
1261.43872 g/mol. That is a huge number. They use this ingredient as a lubricant to help the factory
produce more and to help it go down your throat.

Special thanks to google and WIkipedia for getting me through this project
thank you to www.chemicalformula.org.
Thank you to www.motrin.com
Thank you to www.milkfacts.info/milk%20processing/ice%20cream%20production.htm
Thank you to www.thekitchn.com/freezing-science-the-role-of-s-124357
Thank you to chealth.canoe.com/drug_info_details.asp?brand_name_id=268
Thank you to www.axe.us/products/anarchy-2-n-1