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Traffic signals in Suwon and Ann arbor

When I visited Ann arbor, Michigan State for the first time, I waited for 10 minutes to cross
the road in front of a crosswalk. Why? I never knew that I should push the signal button. I even didnt
notice its existence. So, my friends and I noticed some differences between Suwon, where Ajou
University is located, and Ann arbor and researched it.

First, traffic signals for pedestrian is different. In Ann arbor, stop sign is open hand and go
sign is walking person. On the other hand, traffic signals in Suwon are always distinguished by color,
red and green. Red is stop, green is go. Also, when the sign tell you go hurry, in Suwon the go
sign is blinking whereas in Ann arbor stop sign is blinking. Its maybe not big differences, but it
made us confusing in front of crosswalk every time, because we are used to changing of color which
is more easy to perceive. Also, because we are used to the blinking of go sign, changing go to stop in
short time was made us confused. So, I think traffic light in Suwon is safer than that of Ann arbor.

Secondly, the traffic sign for driver is also different. In Suwon, the traffic sign shape is
horizontal; in Ann arbor the shape is vertical. Suwon has a 'left turn' sign and drivers in Suwon can
turn left only in front of that sign. If you make left turn outside of this section, it is illegal and you
may pay a penaltythough we do a lot. Drivers in Ann arbor can make turn left except where there is
forbidding sign. Drivers can make turn left anywhere they want, and passing by the central line is no
problem. In addition, if you are going to drive in Ann arbor, there is one thing you should know. If a
pedestrian seems to want to cross the road, you have to stop immediately whether the sign tell you
may go or not. Because its drivers fault for 100% if an accident happen to the pedestrian. Its a local
law. On the other hand, in Suwon, its partially responsible for pedestrian and partially responsible for
driver. Its good for the pedestrian for Ann arbor but for driver, he or she should be really careful.

Finally, Ann arbor and Suwon have signal button but its use is differences. In Suwon, signal
button is used for only blind people. It gives blind people a guidance message. On the other hand,
signal button in Ann arbor is used for people who just want to walk cross. In Ann abor, there are two
kinds of traffic signal system. One is signal bell system and another one is adaptive system. Signal
bell system is simple. If you push the button, the traffic sign will change and you may go. Adaptive
system automatically change traffic signal in itself judgement by SCOOT database. Any adaptive
traffic control system can do good detection of current traffic situation, but SCOOT detects vehicles at
the start of each intersection. The information from the SCOOT is used to minimize traffic delay. On
the other hand, traffic signal in Suwon always controlled automatically by the time limit system.

In conclusion, I would make these following suggestions to any student from Suwon(or any
other city in Korea) in Ann arbor. First, hand means stop! When the stop sign is blinking, you dont
have to stop and you may go but hurry! Secondly, pay attention the shape which is more notable, not
the color. You may miss the timing to cross the road if you keep focus on texting! Lastly, Dont be like
Me. When there is a signal button, push it! The traffic signals doesnt change automatically for you.