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‘SECTION 239910 - DUCTWORK HANGERS & SUPPORTS PART 1 GENERAL nor 104 1.05 RELATED DOCUMENTS: ‘A. ravings ana General Provisions of Contract. indudng General an Supplementary ‘Constons and Division 1 Speciicatons Sections spy to mark of bua seeaen SUBMITTALS. ‘A. See Section 233820 . Duct Submital Requrements: for submit requirements WORK INCLUDED ‘A Conractr shal provide a hangers and suppers fal ducterk andar system eaulpment 5. Cociractor shal fld vey and coordinate a ctwork hangers and Supports, dimensions, ‘Searances, and ductwork elevations lth naw and cusing Busey cet RELATED WORK SPECIFIED ELSEWHERE A. Section 233330 - Low Velocity Ductwork 8 Scion 230735 - Duct eulaton ‘QUALITY ASSURANCE ‘%SMACNA Manat: Methods of supporting ductwork shal bein accordance wth he 'SMACNA Manual. Secton { =Low Velosy Syatoms" unessattearoe sont oe ravings or speced hers, 5. SMACNA.-Sheetmetal and Air Condtonig Contractors National Associaton, ne. © Electety operated and power acuatod cos for instling welded studs and power even fasteners shal be Ista by a natonaly recognised wat agony PART 2-PRooUCTS 201 DUCT HANGERS. ‘A. AlHangers Sal Be Roa Type Hangers: Mid carbon te ures otherwise space: ly nd, wi 2) movable nts each on fo ostning and isang ‘od ina. Unless gnvanizes or cadmium plates provide a shop conta vou eae oe 5. Hangar for duets shalbe as specie in the SMACNA Manvel, ith fe ftowing encepters 1. ower hanger attachments for rectangular dct wih any dimension 18" and above ‘halbe apere hangers, supported by teases rods 38" san 2 Trapeze hangers shall be minimum 1-12" 1-12" 14" ange olarger size 2 'equred by larger orneavier ductwork Ouctate tapers hangs cee AS sed aT is scopabe DUCTWORK HANGERS & SUPPORTS S197 / APN 11261 233510-1 3 Lawes hanger attachments for retangs diet with maximum dimension fess thon 18° may be fat srapatached dct 10 duct. astenarspenerang ots ecto completely sealed 4 Wire used as supports or as handing shall ot be accepts 5. Fastoers used on hanger system shal ol pentate supported ductwork, (Exception: Flat sap hangers. see stove} 5 Thveaded support rods shal utizesucient support jamb, and lack ts oatow agjusnent of dct Pegs 202, MISCELLANEOUS FASTENERS AND UPPER HANGER ATTACHMENTS. ‘A. Machne Bois and Nuts: Gavanized or cadmium sated too, 5. Stet'C" Clam wih Locknut Elen Co, No, 20 with 258 steel etaning cps Seti Aluminum Shapes and Aluminum Piates. D. Sint Stee! Shapes and Ste Paes: ASTM A6, shop primed E__ Ser Ding Expanding Fasteners: Phils ype 203. BRANCH FITTINGS, JOINTS & TURNING VANES. ‘A. Provide supports necessary fo lengths ove 16" or highs over 8 PART 3 EXECUTION 301 UPPER HANGER ATTACHMENTS ‘A General Notes: Upper hanger attachment for ductwork shal be secute o overhead structural stew o ste! bar oss wheraver posable, less olhonwae specie, N2*212"x 14 ste anges. Ilomediate sou! members shal be atee ming een ror tainsaaton, Inermedite stool wil be sed for span and load Show ne ote on © Seouroupper hanger attachments o bar bits tthe panel pons of ists Do no di hoiesin main suc steel members. ©. Exercise extreme car in tho fl ling of holesin precast re-sressod concrete work $9 38 fo avo damage to enforcing, Power anven Woes of fastening doves shal he bo tlzed hte atachment of hangers io precasl or presressod concise wore F. Upper hangor attachments shal be as specie inthe Manual withthe folowing exceptons 1. Bo-otuse fata. bent rod, power actuated dv pins or expansion nai a upper ‘ange atachmenis in conerete constuction, 6 Attachment ta Structural St ower acuated fasteners ot tare Secure see beams wih beam camps, welded studs clamps wih lock nus and minimum 141" wise Stony DUCTWORK HANGERS & SUPPORTS ES 1157 / APN 11281 2300002 302 11 Dost use power actuste fasteners except by wien permission fom the Engineer's Representative. | Bont atach welded stuts or powder actuted fasteners ose! lass than 2/6" in themes. 4 Domituse power eva on beam clams: : _Atacrment to New Poured Concrete Constructon: Support hangers rom cone insets Prop locate and instal concrete inst n correla farm Wor a enutse, ete nee {2 snot to delay the constucton work. Bot bandon hangers tense a Se eh Screw rds no proper size incers and secre wih eck nul ad vce | AtachmantoCaiuar Stal or Fluted Metal Decks: Do not supper dcwork rom cular ‘ool futed meal oot decks. Atach hanger lo sruclural sel members heroes osstie, and where equred intermediate stroctral soo supporting moons got ve Provied framed io span he stuclral ses! M- Fer atachment to overhead cella sts or ted metal decking, eter han root deck, hangers may be ataches by means ol welded ste mth double cut The monsoe, Gad ‘on an ono stud shall be 250s. Under no creumstances shal upper atschrere Denetate steel decking N. Rise Supports: Support vertical rectangular ducts by means of wo see angles or hannis. ancor baie to for ib or asacan srl member at vey Rex Prough wich ne rser passes. Steet angles or channels shal contact a ranavecss eet ake ‘seoued tothe fonts by maans of 18 bl, ar by walsn ©. Stes ngle or channel support sizes shal be 2 flows ax side Support Supeot Bear on Concrete or Se —— fg Sasr__Sal Ser ie Saati spear x oo Barus Derwie" z verso" aeons Fatale DUCT HANGER SPACING ‘A The cut narging method must bein accordance wih his speciation ands subect 'sapprova. 8 Ducthanger spacing shal bein st accordance wth SMACNA and as olows: 1. Rectangular uct Hangers Rtn Sizes: Max Halfot Rod Pa at RodPairat Rod Pairat Rod Po at Spa 8 Upio7a te te te ve ioe ae Vs tie ve sro 120 3 ae ue ti iar 188 ra 35 3a 38 100 192 i e 38 a" Avove "SEE SMACNA FOR SPECIAL CONDITIONS, DUCTWORK HANGERS & SUPPORTS ES. 1197 / APN 11261 2358103 2 Round Duct Hanger Stap Sizes: Duct seap Max (sn Specna Upto 28" Ona 122 Ga TE Ft 2-3 One I"x18Ga TFL ary. One i6Ga tae 5r-60" worn t8Ga 12Ft ‘See SMACNA, Table 5.3 for allowable loatng fr rapeze anges. END OF SECTION DUCTWORK HANGERS & SUPPORTS S187 / APN 11281 2300104