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Tesla Research and Innovation Center

Strategic Marketing and Communication Plan 2015-16

The Tesla Research and Innovation Centre was founded in 2014 to create ways that
provide opportunities for students throughout the world to engage in high quality
exchange of cooperation in science and engineering. The Tesla Research and
Innovation Centre are responsive to the individual needs of our partner institutions
or organizations and committed to the communities we serve.

Tesla Research and Innovation Centre advisors, executives and staff use innovative,
alternative and flexible approaches to research and innovation that empower people
and communities by providing resourceful environment that connect individuals
unique ability to excel their interests in science and engineering.


Promote the development of educational opportunities in science and


Promote the role of youth in research, development and innovation in science

and engineering

Promote the role of women in research, development and innovation in

science and engineering

Empowering and servicing the local community including businesses,

educational institutions and society at large by promoting science and

Build more awareness, and bring to the forefront of our activities, values
established by the great scientist Nikola Tesla in science, engineering and
social development

Key Partners
1. Youth
2. Women

3. Educational Institutions
4. Local Businesss
5. Professionals
Communication Channels
Online- Social media, Blogs, forums, Website, Games, Applications, Email,
Offline- Pamphlets, Information Sessions, Presentations, Seminars, Booth,
Newspaper, Television, Radio, Magazines
Age Demographics

1 15

(Toddlers to Adolescents) Nursery, Primary & Secondary

You need to grasp children attention at an early age in order to invoke passion
about a topic (i.e. Science and Engineering). This is the demographic where paths
begin to form.

15 25

(Adolescents to Young Adults) Secondary, College,

This is the age when people make decision on what they want to do with their lives
in terms of careers there and there are many fulfilling ones in the field of Science
and Engineering. This demographic are the future of the field.

25 35
Work Force)

(Young Adults to Developed Adults) Graduate Studies,

This demographic are just starting their careers and generally take more risks and
are more innovative and up to date on practices. Focus on this demographic
because of the potential they hold.

35 -55

(Developed Adults to Professionals/Career Adults)

This demographic generally hold power positions in their field and have a lot of
experience. It is important to market to this demographic because they are
gatekeepers and usually have say in decisions like hiring new employees,
organizations direction, policies among others

55 +

(Professionals/Career Adults to Retirees)

Hold a lot of knowledge and experience and should not be left out. There is a lot
to learn from this demographic. Their experience could be used to help
younger demographics

Toddlers to adolescents (Ages 1-15)
Online strategy
Interactive game
Location(s): App store, Google play

Create an application that is interactive, playable, educational and fun

Primary Objective

Get children learning about science and engineering form an early age
Open children's eyes to the path of science and engineering

Steps to Completion

Find expertise in the area

Research and Development- Decide on activities, name, objective
Promotion through schools pamphlets, daycares
Retain Feedback on app success
Offline Strategy

Elementary School teachers providing their students with an assignment/project on

Nikola Tesla
Location: Elementary Schools
Primary Objective

To excite children and get them learning about Science

Get the teachers involved with teaching topics about Science

15 25

(Adolescents to Young Adults) Secondary, College,

Online Strategy

YouTube Contest
Location(s): YouTube

Primary Objective(s):

Ask youth around the World what the Know about Nikolas Telsa

Secondary Objective:

Create contest that will inform people worldwide about Nikolas Tesla and the

Promote mission statement/Vision

Steps to Completion
1. Create YouTube Account
2. Plan Contest Details (Objective, Reward)
3. Promotion of Contest/Distribution of Information (Social Media, Schools,
4. Implementation

Account Setup


Work hours

10 Hours= 110 dollars can be substituted with

volunteer hours
1000 dollars can be substituted with donation


1110 dollars or free


Look at video stats (views, likes, dislikes)

Look at demographics of video participants (ages, areas)
Contact all participants to gain feedback on contest what they thought about
it, likes dislikes
Connect with participants on social media platforms

Offline Strategy

Information Booth
Location(s): Brock University, Niagara College (NOTL, Welland)
Primary Objective:

Promote the role of youth in research, development and innovation in science

and engineering

Generate traffic to Social media websites

Secondary Objective:

Subscribe Students to the Tesla Research Centre Non for Profit

Advertisement Opportunities

Discounted Subscriptions

Offer a prize to students who subscribe to 3 social media sites

Steps to Completions
1. Find out who controls inbound information booths and school policies
2. Contact Universities
3. Develop Idea further
4. Implementation
Booth Placement
Materials (pamphlets,

55 dollars
Volunteer 15 dollars snacks, water
70 dollars


Count the subscriptions to the social media pages

Contact new description offering more information
Open the channel of Communication with the new users

(Young Adults to Developed Adults) Graduate
Studies, Work Force)

Online Strategy
LinkedIn Account
Primary Objective

Connect with professionals in the field of Science and Engineering to the Tesla
Research and Innovation Center
Get support from young professionals and subscribe them to the TRIC nonprofit

Steps to Completion
1) Set up LinkedIn account
2) Set up profile so it is appealing
3) Attempt to connect with like minded people and expand network
LinkedIn Account Setup
Labour hours

3.5-5 55 dollars can be substituted for
volunteer hours


Contact new connections offering more information about Telsa Research and
Innovation Center
Ask questions about know contacts and record feedback

Offline Strategy
Tesla Innovation and Research Center Open House
Location: TRIC annual meeting
Primary Objective

To invite recent grad students and professionals to view our work and learn
more about TRIC
Get new individuals in the field participating in the work Telsa Innovation and
Research Center does
Invite people to become a member of the TRIC organization

Space rental
Labour for set up and implementation

200 dollars
20 hours 300 dollars

Promotion Pamphlets/Newspaper

35 -55

200 dollars
420 dollars

(Developed Adults to Professionals/Career Adults)

Online Strategy
Telsa RIC Blog
Primary Objective

Create and online blog/editorial that informs adults about the science
community and the work TRIC is doing to help the public
Keeping potential and current members up to date with TRICs activities
Encourage communication feedback from audience

Secondary Objective

Connect younger demographics with industry leaders and gatekeepers

Offline Strategy
Newspaper Article
Location(s): Select specific target newspapers in Niagara region
Primary objective

Make demographic aware of the Tesla Innovation and Research Centers

presence in the Niagara region
Bring a story to local newspaper to cover in order to raise awareness

Secondary Objectives

Bring in new member to the Tesla Research and Innovation Center

Steps to Completion
1) Select a story that Newspapers would want to cover
2) Approach various print medias
3) Send information


Incorporate ideas and innovations from the older experienced demographic

Creates projects and benefit from the knowledge of external individuals

Age 55+
Online strategy-

Connecting with professionals in the field. (Professors, Teachers, Business


Via LinkedIn, Blogs, and Website

Encourage these individuals to become members of the Tesla RIC and to

share their ideas

Online Interviews with company representatives/ press release


Open house / information session on Tesla RIC (promoting vision mission


Partner with them to support early learning and development in science and

Newspaper Publications



Set up online platforms that the older audiences will be interested in

Create information and other material about the Tesla RIC membership


Follow up and see what this audience is interested in

Find trustworthy partners and well known professionals


Labor for online presence: $20 an hour

Newspaper ad: $200- $2000

YouTube Channel: $15 an hour to keep up to date

Action Plan TimeLine


1. Interactive Game
2. School Contest
3. Youtube Contest
4. Information Booth
5. LinkedIn Account
6. Open House
7. Tesla Blog
8. Newspaper Article
9. 55+ Online
10. 55+ offline