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Viterbi Masters Career Success Course Modules

The Viterbi Masters Career Success Course (VMCSC) is designed to provide international
students with a better understanding of the nuances of the job search in the USA. Online
Modules area accessible through DEN@Viterbi Desire2Learn and will appear one at a time. New
modules will become available once you pass the quiz associated with the previous module.

Semester A (first semester)

USC Viterbi: A Community of Honor (Live Session)

DEN@Viterbi Desire2Learn
o Navigating U.S. Corporate Recruiting
o Etiquette, Attire & Grooming in the Job Search
o Cultural Differences in the Job Search
o Understanding the Reduced Course Load Criteria & Process
o Find More Jobs & Internships: Viterbi Career Gateway
o Quick Tips on Resumes

Semester B (second semester)

DEN@Viterbi Desire2Learn
o Rethink Before you Renege
o Get Connected for Maximum Job Search Success
o Preparing for the Engineering Career Fair
o Understanding the CPT Application Process