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Instructor: Nelojini Rajendram

Lesson Plan

DATE: May 6, 2013

TIME: 1:20 pm
DURATION: ~60 minutes

SUBJECT: Science / TITLE: Our EarthHandle With Care!

CLASS: Cycle 3/ Grade 6

Students will be able to do the following:



Cross- Curricular

Central Idea
Inquiry Based Question

1. To construct their knowledge and understanding around everything

they have seen and learnt about the earths structure, finite resources
and efficient ways to save the planet.
2. To engage in a working environment as a group to effectively and
cooperatively complete tasks in the given time.
3. To provoke questions and discussions around the unit of inquiries.
Competency 1: To propose explanations for or solutions to scientific
or technological problem
Competency 2: To make the most of scientific and technological
tools, objects and procedures
Competency 3: To communicate in the languages used in science and
Competency 1: To use information
Competency 4: To use creativity
Competency 5: To adopt effective work methods
Competency 6: To use information and communication technologies (ICT)
Competency 8: To cooperate with others
Competency 9: To communicate appropriately
Mankinds interactions can affect Earths finite resources
What is the structure of the earth?
The impacts of using finite resources have on the earth?
What are ways people can do to save the planet?

Required Materials


Group of 4 to 5 students
- PowerPoint presentation
Pencils/ markers, eraser
- illustrations of diagram*
5 Chart paper (1 per each group) - Rubric to evaluate and timer

Classroom arrangement: There will be 5 stations prepared with activities and

each group of students will need to spend 5 minutes to work on an activity
before asked to switch in a clock ward rotation.
Preparation: Teacher will have the PowerPoint slides and video uploaded
onto the computer. She will also have the chart papers and activity centers set

up ahead of time.
20 minutes

Introduction/ Engage
1. Teacher will begin the lesson by spending 15 minutes summarizing
on the topics we have covered in science last week.
(There will be a small power point presentation with a video to show)
2. Teacher will be talking and directing questions to the students in
order to simulate a learning process. She will at times, pause and ask
students about what they know about the earth, natural resources,
non-renewable resources, fossil fuels, mankinds effects on the use of
these resources, ways to sustain and save the planet.
3. Important to accept and encourage students responses.
4. Address the video they will be watching by Brainpop, Humans and
the environment which will be played for 5 minutes.
Activity Explanation

30 minutes

5. Tell the students that they will be working in their LES groups: so in
total, we will have five groups to be stationed at five activity tasks
which I have labelled beforehand to indicate where they are.
6. Explain the instructions and goals of each activity/ task. You will
start with one task at a time, rotating clock ward each time I say,
Switch! That is after 5 minutes are up, your group will move onto the
- Group1 will be stationed at task 1 and after 5 mins will be moving to
task 2
- Group2 will be stationed at task 2 and after 5 mins will be moving to
task 3
- Group3 will be stationed at task 3 and after 5 mins will be moving to
task 4
- Group4 will be stationed at task 4 and after 5 mins will be moving to
task 5
- Group5 will be stationed at task 5 and after 5 mins will be moving to
task 1
- All the groups will have visited and worked on all the tasks before
asking them to, Stop!
7. Distribute the chart paper to each group of student and one by one
send them to their stations. Wait for everyone to be stationed and then
start the timer.
8. Also let the students know that if your group is done with a task
before the5 minutes are up, then they should spend the time looking
over it to check if their work is correctly answered or wait quietly. If
your group is not done when timer goes off, then continue to move

and work on the next task.

10 minutes

10-15 minutes

Expected Behavior/
Teacher Cues



9. After the groups have visited and worked on all the stations, ask them
to stay where there are.
10. Ask each group of students to present and share their findings on
what they did for the station they finished at (meaning the current
station they are standing or sitting at) for everyone to see. This way
every group will have had a chance to share one thing about what
they learned at each station they were at.
11. Support those students who have questions or doubts about what they
do not understand.
12. Students will have had time to discuss and work together to hand in
one product at the end of the lesson.
- If theres time, teacher will ask students to recap on what they learnt
about todays lesson and activities.
Remind students to pay attention by listening to the person who is
Reinforce the classroom management by using, If you can hear my
first once, clap once, if you can hear my voice twice, clap two times,
and three The class will be quiet and ready to listen to the teacher.
Praise students who are attentive listeners, so that those who are
speaking out of order will then feel the need to pay attention and be
respectful of others opinions and answers.
Remind students to raise their hands when they want to share
thoughts, opinions or questions.
Provide students time to think about their answers and if needed, ask:
Do you want me to come back to you? This way the student will
have more time to think and be ready to answer when the teacher
comes back to him/ or her.
1. Students will be assessed on the basis of their participation in the
discussion among their fellow teammates.
2. They will be graded as a group to have collaboratively worked on the
given tasks.
3. Students will be evaluated on their work as a group on contribution,
cooperation, being on task, and communicating. (Rubric to follow)