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Hi, Good evening. My name is Theva. Im 11 years old.

I had joined Alpha Church on May

2015. I had experienced a few changes in myself after joining Alpha Church. I began my
journey as an incredibly shy boy, awful at learning languages and terrified of speaking in
front of others but now I am totally changed. I can proudly say Im now on my way to
becoming a fluent English speaker. Here, I had would like thanks for those who offer their
time for me to improve my English. I appreciate all your hard work, its meant so much to
me. I enjoyed being taught immensely which inspired me to continue learning with an open
and positive mind. Now Im trying to find more chances to speak English. I cant wait to see
how surprised people look when I speak fluently. This proves God is living in the heart of all
who have received Christ (John 1:12, 14:23).