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Alex Hengge

Cold Spring, KY
Operations Management
My long-term career goal is to find a job that Im extremely passionate about that serves a higher
purpose. Im still figuring out what that looks like.
A Strategic Partner is a professional who is committed to approaching each situation tactfully
and with purpose while collaborating with others.
Core Competencies of a Strategic Partner Leadership Profile:
- Open-minded
- Purposeful
- Sharp
- Collaborative
- Proactive
We need to strive toward being a Strategic Partner because it would best benefit yourself in
your career and your company that you are working for.
Four Primary Goals of my Organization if I were CEO:
1. My first goal would be to set up a community-centered culture for my employees. This
would create a better atmosphere to work in thus create better associates and then finally,
a better organization.
2. My second goal would be to find a higher purpose to serve for my company. Whether this
means pairing with a non-profit, creating a non-profit, or having our goods/services serve
others would be incredible.
3. I would want my company to be founded in integrity while also being sustainable. Not
only would be the best at what we do, the processes and procedures are reliable,
honorable, and last a lifetime.
4. Finally, I would want my company to be innovative. Id want there to be a spirit in the air
that attracts and encourages thoughtful and creative minds and energies. Not only would
this be a fun place to work, but we would be encouraging passions and being a step ahead
of the competition.
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs consists of what humans fundamentally need and extends to what
humans need to live the fullest life possible. At the base is what we need to survive,
physiological needs. Without these (air, water, food, shelter), the human will not exist. Next
consists of safety needs. If a person does not feel safe, they will not be able to function in normal
life. Love and Belonging follows and explains that people need to feel a sense of belonging
among their peers. The next level in the period consists of a need to be respected, to have selfesteem. And finally, the need to realize ones full potential is last, due to the fact one cannot
realize this without completing all of the previous needs.
My Career Destination involves being in a company that I look forward to going to every day,
serves a higher purpose, and is founded in community. Im not sure what this looks like yet,

which company or what role, but I know the general atmosphere. I fully believe that through
exploring my options while trusting my gut and working hard in everything I do, I will find my
dream job.
Personal Credibility includes a person whom is well-respected, trusted, and holds a lot of
responsibility. They always follow through, and everyone trusts that they will get the job
Professionalism means that one is acting in an appropriate manner given the time, place, and
people. This includes dress, speech, body language, and frame of mind.
Key components of Relationship Building:
- Open
- Friendly
- Vulnerable
- Listening
- Communication
- Effort
Concerns specific to Time Demands and Time Constraints:
- I enjoy getting involved in several different organizations, teams, communities, etc. This
sometimes turns into me overbooking and putting too much on my plate.
- Considering other peoples schedules is also a difficulty.
Personal Network
- I would say around 400 people are in my Personal Network.
- I usually text, visit, or share interesting pictures or videos with them. I also try to go out
of my way to go to different events and places to see a variety of people to connect with.
- One example of how my network has aided me: I received an interview for a possible
Spring Co-op through a connection I made through one of my student organizations.
- My goal is to be able to have a give-and-take relationship and to learn new things through
my different relationships.
Connecting with Others
- I would consider myself a Connector
- I connect with people through organizations, class, mutual friends, social events, teams,
social media, professional settings etc. Im not afraid to talk to new people and enjoy
small talk. Finding a connection and a common interest with new friends is fun and
- I usually review Wall Street Journal headlines, Facebook, buzzfeed, and LinkedIn articles
in ordere to stay connected.
- I have read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, My Sisters Keeper by Jodie Picoult and plan to read
Amy Pohlers Autobiography.

I have attended a few musicals at the Aronoff including Once, the Lion King, Jesus Christ
Superstar, and Mama Mia. I have attended Reds Games, UC basketball and football game
and a Cyclones game.
Recently, I have visited Pittsburg, Chicago, Louisville, Columbus, and Nashville. I have
also travelled to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, and plan to travel to Paris and
London in December.

Optimist or Pessimist
- I would absolutely consider myself an optimist. I try to find the best in people and
situations. I try to cheer people up when they are feeling down and honestly believe that
whatever happens is what is meant to happen.
Oral Presenting
- I enjoy presenting to others.
- I love the idea of sharing insights and ideas. I enjoy the challenge of connecting to a large
group of people and letting my personality shine through.
- I believe I am effective. I have a strong, loud voice, am conversational, and get the point
- I am persuasive because I analyze both sides and move on from there. I try to keep it
simple while covering the whole topic.
- I am effective.
- I am outgoing, conversational, and willing to open up and talk about myself. I am able to
draw from my past experiences and relate them to my skills and modern experiences.
- My deficiencies include not getting straight to the point when asked a question and
sometimes being too informal.
Bearing Under Pressure
- I believe that I do handle myself well under pressure. I allow myself a small moment to
vent and freak out. However, after that is taken care of I am able to move forward with
a clear head.
- I am values-driven. I base my actions, goals, and dreams based on the values I have
- I have played sports as long as I can remember and consider being a part of a team is both
an honor and valuable.
Providing Feedback to Others
- I enjoy acting as a mentor to others. If Im not as close to the person, it is hard for me to
be blunt and straightforward with my feedback. However, I am very effective and honest
if I am close with the person.
- People do come to me for advice
- I enjoy facilitating conflicts better than participating in conflict. I am good at looking at
both sides and coming to a compromising solution.