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Riphah International University, Lahore Campus, Raiwind Road

Faculty of Computer Sciences

Mid Term Examination

Paper Code: MT-12

Paper Title: Calculus and Analytical Geometry

Time Allowed : 1 hour and 30 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 50

Question No: 1

[20 MARKS]

Use the derivative to sketch the graph of the function given below
+5 +1
In order to sketch the graph of the above function, you need to evaluate the following
Find the domain of the functions and the derivatives (f (x) and f (x))?
Check the symmetry.
Find x-intercept and y-intercept if any?
Find horizontal and vertical asymptotes if any?
Find the critical points?
Check the intervals on which function is increasing or decreasing?
Find the inflection point?
Find the concavity?
Find the relative maximum and minimum if any?
Sketch the graph by using the above information.
Question No: 2

[10 MARKS]

(a) Find the slope intercept equation of the normal line to the curve

at the point at

which = ?
(b) At what point does the normal line to the curve
intersect the curve?

3 + 5 at the point (3, 5)

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Question No: 3

[10 MARKS]

Part (a) Evaluate the limits of the following functions.

(1) lim +
(2) lim

Part (b) Check the continuity of the function given below, at x=1
F(x) =


Question No: 4

[10 MARKS]

Find the derivatives of the functions with respect to x?

(a) = ( ! )#$% + Cot )*+

! ( + ) = , ! (- . + )

Helping Material:

Good Luck

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