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Contemporary Intellectual Property: Law and Policy (3rd edn)

Charlotte Waelde, Graeme Laurie, Abbe Brown, Smita Kheria, and Jane Cornwell
Contemporary Intellectual Property: Law and Policy, third edition, offers a unique
perspective on intellectual property (IP) law, unrivalled amongst IP textbooks available today.
An accessible introduction to intellectual property law, it provides not only a comprehensive
account of the substantive law, but also discusses the over-arching policies directing the legal
decision making, as well as controversies and areas for further debate. Intellectual property
law is an increasingly global subject, and as such the book introduces the relevant European
and international dimensions to ensure ... More
Keywords: intellectual property law, legal decision making, controversies, developing
discipline, modern IP law
Bibliographic Information
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Print Publication Date: Oct 2013
Print ISBN-13: 9780199671823
Published online: Jun


New Edition
Intellectual Property Law
Fourth Edition
Lionel Bently and Brad Sherman
1,440 pages | diagrams, photos, | 246x189mm
978-0-19-964555-8 | Paperback | 02 October 2014
Price: 42.99