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Issue 30






10 Spectacular Islands of The World




w w w.Fa s h i onc e n t r a l . p k


Komal Nasir Collection

Exhibition at Fashion
Central Multi Brand Store
The Lounge Opens a New
Furniture Store in Lahore

Fashion Shows


Victorias Secret Fashion

Show Runway
Zainab Chottani
Bridal Dresses at FPW 2015


Beauty & Health


Olive Oil, The Wondrous Natural

Beauty Product For Face
Hair Care Tips In Winter

63 Mawra Hocane's 'Sanam Teri Kasam' First Look
Fashion & Trends
65 Kylie Jenner's Style Hacks To Refresh Your Wardrobe
Men Interest
78 Best Beard Styles For Teenagers
Luxury Living
82 World Most Expensive Swimming Pools
90 10 Spectacular Islands of The World

Fashion Central Exclusive Talk With Designer

Zil E Batool Of Zil _ Jewelry & Accessories


Angelina Jolie Wants More

103 7 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Editors Note
The Christmas days have just gone by and we are aware that most of you got a chance to
spend some glorious times with your near and dear ones. This feeling of closeness is no
doubt mesmerizing and enlivens the richness of loving and be loved. And to supplement the
delight and happiness we now have the New year on our hands. We use this occasion to wish
you more wellbeing and immense contentment in the year 2016. Please strategize your plans
for the New Year 2016 in a way that you contribute not only to your own success but also do
something for humanity.
The first issue of 2016 brings to you a complete resume of the Victorias Secret Fashion Show
2015 Runway. In this international show the models put up a show stopping performance for
the lingerie giant's annual extravaganza with an extra ordinary feature being the wearing of
a $2 million fancy bra which sent temperatures soaring in an equally skimpy bright red two
piece. Amongst other events we have for you the Fashion Pakistan Week and those of you
who were not there, the images will make sure that you have not missed anything.
Angelina Jolie is a name that we all admire and rever. She might be a world celebrity yet she
yearns for life with her children. You will love reading what she has to say on this account.
We have for you information on the ten spectacular islands of the world. No doubt islands
provide the perfect outing destination whether it be a romantic getaway or a relaxing
sojourn. So the advice is to read this and make your choice.
There is ample content on style trends, interiors, beauty and health and men related grooming tips.
And lets not forget a mention about Mawra Hocane. She adorns the cover of this issue and
very soon she will be causing uproar in the world of cinema.
In the end please accept New Year greetings from the whole team at Fashion Central.
Viewers, i urge you to stay in touch and continue to interact with us.



Director Marketing:

Graphics & Design:

Shoaeb Shams

Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed

Creative Clamor






Designer Komal Nasir exhibited her Shawls, Scarfs & Capes exclusively
At Fashion Central Multi Brand Store 20-A, block C-3, Fortune Mall,
Hussain Chowk, MM Alam Road, Lahore.
Komal Nasir has become known for her creative designs in a very short
time. And when this exhibition was held at the Fashion Central Multi
Brand Store, it attracted celebrities, fashionistas, socialites and members of the print and electronic media.
Komal believes that the beauty of an outt comes alive if it is worn as a
whole. This concept is apparent in her products and during the exhibition the combination of Shawl scarf, Dupatta, Shirt and Shalwar were all
classy. The colors she used were bright and bold and her work showed
an innate fondness for intricate embellished embroidery. The Resham,
Marrori, Sequins and Gota work were unmistakably rich.





The successful launch of their home accessories store earlier this year, The Lounge
by Nyla, has now opened a new store dedicated to their furniture line. The store is
open for public and is located inside Fortress Square mall in Lahore.
The Lounge by Nylas latest venture, their furniture store, encompasses hand-made
contemporary furniture items ranging from custom made tables, sofas, consoles to
ottomans and much more. Nylas bespoke polish nishes and bold colored fabrics set
each piece apart and reects her unique style unlike any other.

Fashion Shows International


The models put on another show-stopping performance as they

graced the catwalk at Victorias Secret Fashion Show for the lingerie
giant's annual extravaganza. Forbes has estimated that the 47 models
hitting the catwalk that night belong to a category that made more
than $50 million in combined paychecks in 2015.
The 2015 Victorias Secret Fashion Show saw the worlds most beautiful
models take to the runway in New York in a blaze of bright colours, racy
outts, elaborate wings and other fabulous props.
Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levines other half, opened the show dressed in
a pair of dazzling wings, while VS veteran Alessandra Ambrosio
followed close behind in an equally show-stopping outt.
Kendall Jenner was a total natural as she made her show debut. With
her never ending legs on display as well as her trim tummy in a variety
lace lingerie looks, the reality star looked simply stunning.
South African beauty Candice Swanepoel also dazzled in a colourful
embellished bikini set and giant multicoloured wings. While Candice's
fellow veteran Angel Lily Aldridge, who was chosen to wear the $2 million Fantasy Bra this year, sent temperatures soaring in an equally
skimpy bright red two piece.
Ellie Goulding, who replaced Rihanna at the last minute, with the Weekend and Selena Gomez all took to the stage to sing as the models sashayed past them.

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International Victoria's Secret Show

Fashion Shows International


Zainab Chottani
Bridal Dresses at Fashion
Pakistan Week 2015

Designer Zainab Chottani showcased her new bridal collection called DilRubba" at Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2015.
As always it was a collection that was unlike the others. A mix of the old era
with trendy new styles. There is nothing more graceful than wearing traditional silhouettes, and nothing more satisfying than being caught up on the
latest trend; hence, Dil-Rubba introduced ghararas modernized into pants,
and a mesmerizing showcase of gowns and jackets.

Fashion Shows International

Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

Fashion Shows International

Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

Fashion Shows International

Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

Fashion Shows International

Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

Fashion Shows International

Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

Fashion Shows International

Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

Beauty & Health


Olive oil is regarded as the natural beauty product. Usage of olive oil has
striking benets for the skin and hair. Today we will be discussing the usage
of olive oil in context to the face. What might interest people is that olive oils
utilization is a result towards the anti-aging. It is natural wholesome product
on its own. Olive oil is loaded with anti-oxidants that help the revitalization
of the skin. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E which is really good for the skin.
When applied on the face, olive oil protects the skin from UV rays. It prevents away the free radicals that damage the skin of the face. It is all natural
all organic that helps your face skin more eciently than the articially created beauty products.

So consider the usage of olive oil on face lets consider the types of olive oil available in
the market that can be used for your faces skin. Not all of the olive oil available is the
same. It is a mix and match of the pocket and surely the awareness to decide which
among the availability you want.

1. Certied Organic Extra Virgin Oil

3. Pure Olive Oil

This olive oil contains lots of quantity of

This olive oil is obtained through extrac-

Antioxidants, Vitamins and nutrients. It is

tion by using processing methods. The

obtained through pressing and this proce-

processing could be either heat or chemi-

dure prevents the loss of eective

cal oriented.


2. Virgin Oil

4. Extra Light Olive Oil

This olive oil is obtained through second-

This olive oil is a product of a lot of pro-

ary pressing which ensures a signicant

cessing and the result is that vitamins and

amount of nutrients and antioxidants.

nutrients are adversely aected.

So the vote goes up high for the former two extra virgin and virgin olive oil. Though we might
want you to still hang on to the extra virgin olive oil for your face.
Now that you have chosen the type of olive oil you want to apply on your face. Lets have a look
on how to apply to apply the olive oil on your face.

1. Take a few drops of the extra

2. Now you can warm up

3. Now, these wash cloths

virgin cold processed olive oil and

a semi moist towel (make

/ towels are used for

apply it on your face. While doing

sure its a new clean one,

removing the excess of

so keep in mind that make the

only recommended for

the oil on your skin.

rotation movement of application

your face). This will further

This here is one way of

in circular motion. It helps to

open up the pores allow-

removing impurities from

increase the blood circulations

ing removing the impuri-

the face by using olive oil.

and opens the pores of the face

ties deep down. Let this

Through the Cleansing

so that this magical product of

procedure carry to a


organic beauty can penetrate

10-15 minutes time and

your skin. This also helps in you

let this towel sit on your

massaging your skin and striking

skin. If the towels become

o the impurities and dead o

cold change them with

your face.

new hot ones.

You can use Olive oil for face by other mediums as well. We further recommend you to
apply olive oil in a moderate quantity before you go to sleep. This olive oil will act as a
night cream.
Another way of using olive oil is to add it in your daily home-made beauty products. You
can make olive oil face masks by collaborating it with other organic products,according
to your skin type.
Olive oil can also be used as an eye cream for the face. It prevents from the wrinkles on
that area.
So there you go folks, here are the various benets of olive oil that have been dictated
to to you. These are specically for your face. Keep that face of your healthy and glowing through the natural ways. We hope you have a happy time doing so,
Happy Application!

Beauty & Health



At last the bad hair spell bound of the autumn has surpassed and winter
welcomes better hair. Winter is a season for prevention. Prevention against
colds and what people state is blues. Well there are certainly blues for the
hair as well. Yes, folks todays agenda is the hair care during winters. The
bathing routine in winters requires the consumption of hot water. This hot
water on one side provides the body with relaxations yet it damages our
hair brutally. The usage of hot water baths squint and quench away the
moisture out of the hair, leaving them dry and extremely zzy.
These zz later results into extensive tangles that disturb the momentum of
the hair beauty! Not only this, hot water baths are the main source of dandru during the winters. So lets call this season a challenge for the hair to
be maintained. Well, we are ready to take this challenge and today are going
to present on tips for haircare during the winters for those long hairs of
yours. People with shot care can also benet from the tips. After all, hair is
hair! So ladies there you go:

Dry hair? Major problem?

Lets sort this problem o. Select a
suitable conditioner for that hair of
yours and use it regularly. This is to
cover the damage of the hot water
that has ben zzing up your lately.

Wash your hair with mild warm

Use the hot oil treatment for your hair.

water. We recommend you to wash them

Especially treatment from the coconut oil

with cold water. This cold water washing

during winters.

helps your hair to maintain the moisture

and not amaging it up to the level, like the

Apply the mixture of Methi leaves,

hot water does!

black pepper, a few drops of lemon juice

and salt. Mix them together and drink it to

Another tip is the application of Aloe

enhance the growth of the hair during the

Vera juice on the scalp. This again


helps prevent the dry hair and dried scalp.

Thus working up against the dandru.

Brush the hair before going to bed. It

increases the blood circulation in the scalp

You can maintain the moisture by

which helps in maintain the hair.

application of mayonnaise on your hair. It

contains essentials from egg and oils hence

To prevent the split ends in winter apply

giving it the nutrition it requires in the

olive oil and take steam over it. This


is to prevent the split ends and this the

maintenance of hair during winters.

Massage raw milk on your hair for 60

minutes. It shines the hair and keeps it

To get rid of the dandru problem, apply the paste of jigger, curd and Mela-

nin mitti onto your scalp almost 60 minutes before shampooing. This decreases
the dandru. So, these are the tips for the treatment of long strong hair during

This prevents them from damage and thus makes them tips. We wish that strong
throughout the season. So there you go with the tips.mainating we wish you all the
best. Happy Maintaining!




Sanam Teri Kasam is an upcoming Bollywood movie directed by
Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru. Produced by Deepak Mukut. Newcomers Harshvardhan Rane and Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane in the
lead role.
Trade analyst Taran Adarsh revealed the rst look poster by tweeting:
"Here's the rst look of #SanamTeriKasam. Stars Harshvardhan Rane
and Mawra Hocane. Releasing in Jan 2016".

The music for

Himesh Reshammiya is composed
by Anil Johnson.
Mawra is
extremely excited
herself and
cannot wait for
the release of her
lm. Absolutely
ecstatic to be
sharing the rst
look of my lm
with my fans who
have waited for
what I see now
has almost been
a year. Grateful
for all the love
already, fans will
get to see more
and more on a
daily basis now,
she told local

My fans would be delighted to see what all is on its

way for them and I can give you my word for it, she
added. This is only just the beginning.

Fashion & Trends



There is no doubt that Kylie Jenner may be one of the most fashionable teenagers out there. She may be the youngest of the Kardashian family, but her wardrobe is more enviable than all of her
older sisters! If you are religiously scroll through her Instagram and
keep up with her Snapchat stories, there is no doubt that you would
want to copy her style. Or if you just want to infuse a little Kylie with
your otherwise bland closet, try these hacks ensuring you will dress
to impress, as well as mirror Jenner's fashionable outts. You don't
even need to be a Kardashian to dress similarly, as the younger
sister of gorgeous and successful model Kendall Jenner mixes edgy
street style with chic elements in a way that feels totally accessible and aordable - to us normal citizens.

Wear Black. Yes, it sounds

too simple. But it does work.
Kylie is often seen wearing
black, whether it is a casual
LA sighting, or a more glamorous gown for an awards
show, do not underestimate
the power of this seemingly
simple colour. It's attering,
slimming, looks good with



versatile. No wonder not only

Kylie, but her stylish older
sisters are frequently seen in
this hue too. Black outts
work day and night, whatever
the occasion, so be sure to
collect timeless black pieces.
Ideas to start you o could
be a tailored blazer, a peacoat, a dress, jeans and even
a stylish blouse.

When choosing a floral sarong

or dress covered with flowers,
that pattern is the focal point of
the outfit. It can easily stand
alone. Therefore, don't try to
compete with it or overwhelm it
with other busy prints. Instead,
choose complementary accessories that enhance it.

Lace-up Boots. Want to

update your tame black or
suede ankle boots? Follow
Kylie and try thigh-high lace
up boots. They may scare
you as they seem like a bit
too much, but they can
easily dress up a little black
dress or a crop top and
shorts combo. Be prepared
to be the centre of attention, as these boots are
attractive. Try wearing these
with a gown with a thighhigh split to infuse Hollywood glamour with grunge.
Or opt for ankle-length lace
up boots with ripped skinnies and a white shirt. But if
they are good for Kylie
Jenner, then they are denitely good for you too!

Statement Pieces. If you follow Kylie on Instagram, then you probably understand. It could be
a gorgeous Hermes handbag or a Balmain sequinned blazer, but any statement item is guaranteed to make a boring look turn amazing. Going to a formal dinner but its too cold to wear
your strappy black dress? A sequinned or embroidered blazer thrown on top will instantly add
glamour and make you stand out. The same would look great paired with a simple oce suit,
taking the look from day to night. Happy with your outt but looks too grey and dull? A rose
gold or white and gold handbag or clutch will surely give the "fashion blogger" look, as well as
making others jealous of your new attractive arm candy. Even a leather jacket can be a great
investment, as it gives a "biker-chic" look to your getup. Plus, Kylie loves them.

Jeans. Another simple

tip, and one which you






skinnies, the Keeping

Up With The Kardashians beauty does wear
jeans a lot, and of
course, looks incredibly
great. Don't be afraid to
trade in your normal
denims for a ripped
pair. They suit most
people. You could even
buy a white pair, and
wear them with a nude





which will earn a nod of








update. As for shorts,







and look equally good,

especially if you have
toned legs to show
them o. Oh, and the
lace-up boots the 18year-old
swears by.



Earthy, Neutral Tones.

Excluding her hair, Kylie
Jenner opts for neutral
colours for her stylish
outts. Although they are
more daring than her
elder siblings', the tones
keep them looking classic
and stylish. Gone are the
days when white, brown,
beige and tan were considered



colours" - now, Jenner

incorporates them in her
huge closet, and they
look anything but boring.
It's a great idea to include
simple pieces in your
closet too. After all, 'less
is more'. Try a tan dress
in your next Christmas
party, with some sequins
or crystal embroidery, for
a classy and elegant style.
A beige coat is also a


because as we know, it is
extremely in vogue and
looks very put together
over your winter closet.

Men Interest



Teenagers are fascinated by having beards. It is the dream of every
teen ager boy to get the best look out of a beard. They nd beards
to be one of the most presentable forms of appearance. For a fact
that they are growing up and want to show the Man inside them
hence here is to the various looks they can have in beards. Lets
have a look around and see what styles we have to oer them as

1. Medium hair and

beard. Oh yes, nothing
looks better than this look.
It is one of the promising
and sincere manly looks
that the teenagers urge to
have. This look may have
the essence of a medium
length hair cut, more
suited on the silky yet
wavy hair. This combination works like magic on
the appearance.

2. Long hair and

beard. Well, this look
here works well with all
the hair types. Be it
straight, wavy or curly. The
trick is to chop the hair in
manly layers and let the
beard grow. This is a
pleasant beard look for
the teenagers, those who
aim to become the man

3. The subtle stubble look! Well, this is the kind of look that rocks on every teenager.
It describes their transition through childhood to manhood. This includes a decent boys
haircut, the classic cuts along with letting traces of prickelish beard. Thus it doesnt portray as a complete man yet gives them the appearance they want to lead with!

4. Oh well another go go taker look is the squarish look. This comes with a
square type beard cut and similar essence in the haircut. This look is another try on for
the teenagers beard looks. This might be new, but this is fun. Yet it makes the person
stand out. Risk and exposure to fashion are a big combination. Why not try them?

7. Get that relaxed and rejunivated look by gelling/ slicking

your hair in a back brushed look
while growing a thick mane beard
at the frontal look. Yes, thats
another manly look for the teenager boys to target!

8. The biker boys look. Oh

well, who doesnt die for that look.
With the best brushed waves of
the haircut and the rugged yet
thin moustache look on the face.
Thats the kind of beard look teenager boys crave at having.

5. For a teenage beard look, it is a suggestion

for the boys to keep their beards to the jawline,
keep a light moustache and let their hair grow long.
Well, yes there boys we are calling out for that
Korean look. It surely runs good on those Asian features of yours. Well, thats a good fair style to hang
on to.

6. Elite Guys Style is another look to make

you stand out. The purpose here is to let your
beard grow near to your jawline, but it should be
thick enough. You should shave it as it approaches
your cheeks. While keeping your hair in long ip
from the front. Now thats the elite boys style you
are craving for in the teenage boys beard looks.

9. Highly stylized circular mous-

10. Taylor Lautner Beard with

tache with a circular beard on the chin

Spiky Hair. Well. This beard here is

combo is the best which works best with

surely a way to attract the manhood

the little trace of a beard on the jawline.

around the teenager.

This is another look for teenagers

beards to go for.

So, there you go fellows enjoy these variant

look of beards for teenagers and grab on the
style. Happy Bearding!

Luxury Living



Isnt a pool just a giant tub of chlorinated water? How the hell do they get so
expensive, then? Marble, water slides, mosaic tiles, and other awe-inspiring
elements thats how.
While researching the most expensive pools built throughout the world,
some sources agreed and others had dierent ideas about which pools are
the most expensive. Such a thing seems strange to argue over; either a pool
costs $10 million or it doesnt. I guess, though, that some sources might
take ination into consideration or others might convert currencies more
Whether this list is factual or as potentially untrustworthy as the ones I
sifted through, a sparkling line-up of incredibly expensive and luxurious
pools is what this is about, and we delivered.

Hearst Castle, USA


It already sounds perfectly stunning and regal. Where do you take the kids to
swim? Oh, we live at the Hearst Castle, so we just swim in that $10 million pool we
have lying around in the backyard.

But really, this pool or pools, I suppose, as the Hearst Castle actually boasts 2
pools was built around 1924 to the tune of $10 million. In case you were wondering, thats a sweet sounding tune.
Were not sure whether thats $10 million in 1924 or $10 million our time, but were
hoping the latter, because the former undermines everything weve ever dreamed
the 20s looked like.
Can we call a castle a crib?
The elegant pool, built with marble and mosaic tiles, is privately owned by Mr. William Randolph Hearst, and apparently this is his castle. Move over, MTV.
By the way, this fancy pool in California is the rst and last time we see the USA on
the list. It seems Americas unique craft for engineering all things absurdly lavish is
wait for it sinking. Ah, see what I did there?

Lev Leviev Residence, United Kingdom

This pool is equally as expensive and just as private as the last masterpiece. Situated in London, the pool is owned by an Israeli businessman who one should assume goes by the name Lev
The pool to accompany the city of gold?
Its easy to understand how the pool racked up such a high price tag
when I tell you that it was constructed with mosaic tiles and gold. Yes,
gold. I think Ive read similar descriptions in the Bible, making this
pool the most heavenly on our list!
Also heavenly (or at least thats what I hear) are the spa and steam
bath associated with the giant pool. The Lev Leviev probably didnt
need anything more to make it the perfect venue for relaxation, but
that mysterious businessman is apparently a bit of a spendthrift. Oh,
did the $10 million pool give that away?


SeaGaia Ocean Dome, Japan

This $2 billion structure makes a mockery of those measly $10 million pools we
just ooed and awed over. Oh well, onto bigger and better things!
Speaking of big things, the Ocean Dome is the largest indoor pool in the world,
coming in at a whopping 328,000 square feet. Dont quote me on that number; I
did the math myself. You get the idea unbelievably massive indoor pool.
The only stereotypical surfer joke Ill make all day
The pool boasts a gnarly articial wave pool, and I say gnarly only because surfers
take to these articial waves like theyre the real things. Also included are mock
volcanoes. In case the fear of being trapped in the undercurrent of the wave pool
wasnt enough, you can focus on the sound of articial volcanic eruptions.
The giant Ocean Dome is also equipped with a water slide area. This pool (if you
can call it that) is perfect for every water lover. Surfers, waterpark enthusiasts,


swimmers, and volcano fans can all gather here in unrivaled merriment.

San Alfonso, Chile


Another $2 billion pool, the San Alfonso sees the Ocean Domes largest indoor

pool and raises it a 2008 Guinness World Record. Well played, Chile. The giant
swimming pool took about 5 years to build, and with good reason; its about 20
acres in size. You thought maintaining a 20-acre yard was exhausting - how about
the pool maintenance for this beast?
I suppose the real question is: how do they ll that enormous swimming pool? With
ltered sea water, which makes sense, since the ocean is the only source of water
large enough to ll such a pool.
Maybe the water we see on Earth from space is San Alfonso rather than the sea
Did I mention the pool gets up to 11 feet deep? It almost seems masochistic how
dicult theyve made lling this thing. I bet the maintenance crew cringes every
time some over enthusiastic swimmer launches a cannonball into the water, quivering as that precious water splashes out of the enormous pool.

City of Stars, Egypt

The most expensive pool in the world is the City of Stars, situated in Sharm el Sheikh.
Fun fact: the enormous lagoon-esque pool structure is made by Crystal Lagoons,
which also has its signature on the our last pool, the San Alfonso in Chile.
Along with the largest, 21-acre lagoon, there are 11 other lagoons staggered throughout this tourist attraction. Of course this project rang up a bill of about $5.5 billion,
which is arguably more than most of our dates cost (though it doesnt appear that way
at the mall, does it?).

Constructed in 2009, the City

of Stars easily surpassed all of
the pools previously hailed as
the most expensive.
Crystal Lagoons is a group to
keep an eye on. They have a
seemingly continuous outow
of major, awe-inspiring projects,




courses and water parks.

Should you ever have the
burning desire to swim in an




expensive pool or manmade

Crystal Lagoons, you clever pool experts.
Just like the San Alfonso, and probably because its
pioneered by the same team, the water to ll the
lagoons is pulled from the sea and ltered through
technology that was specially created by Crystal
If you research expensive pools, you might not nd
this behemoth on the list, because its relatively
new compared to several others usually named.

beach (and you should), youve

got enough material here to
work with. While Ive never
visited the City of Stars or
heard the crack of Seagaias
articial volcanoes, Im condent none of these sites would
disappoint you or your wanderlust.



10 Spectacular
Islands of The World
Holidaying in some far ung island is probably the best way to destress. Nothing beats the idea of relaxing in a remote land oating
amid endlessly stretching water. Islands provide the perfect outing
destination whether be it a romantic getaway, or a relaxing sojourn.
Even the kids seem to enjoy the tropical islands with unending sun
and sand. Here is a list of the top 10 spectacular islands of the world!

Falkland Island
In South-West Atlantic
Ocean 300 miles east of
Patagonian coast lies
the disputed territory of
the Falkland Island or
Islas Malvinas. Currently
a British land which the
Argentines are trying to
get control over, the
political troubles cannot


islands natural beauty

which is most popular
for its penguins.


Falkland Island gives you the best opportunity of watching penguins without risking an
Antarctic voyage.

Majuli Island, India

If islands on the seas and
oceans are too mainstream for you then give
this obeat island peeping out of river Brahmaputra a try. Majuli is the
largest river island in the
world. Tucked away in


fringes of India, Majuli is




people undisturbed by
modernity. It can oer
some rare



into the life of the tropical tribes. With greenery galore Majuli is also famous as a bird
watching spot!

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique
Felicitated by the title Pearl of The Indian Ocean Bazaruto archipelago rightly earned
this honour. One of Africas virgin beauties, the island aunts it all. The white sand, the
innite blue and the option of delving into luxury all are abundantly available here.
What sets this island apart is its rich population of fauna. Whale sharks, manta rays,
dolphins, turtles to name a few are permanent residents of the water around the


Capri, Italy
Go to visit Capri once and there is a heavy
chance you may never want to leave. This
is that dream place in our imagination
which has an unsustainable perfection
about it. Its legendary beauty grasped the
kings, artists, popular personalities and
the common man alike. History, art and
culture form the heart and soul of Capri. It
is a magnicent island with exotic villas
and mysterious caves which open and
close with the tides.

Bali, Indonesia
When the small Hindu population of Indonesia thought of nestling somewhere, they chose
Bali. In Bali, Hinduism is much more than just a religion, it is a lifestyle, a disposition which
is hard to ignore. Warm locals ecient in skilled craftsmanship can teach you lots of new
things. Get enthralled by interesting temples and out of the world mythological tales. Experience the unique essence of the Balinese people and make a memory to be treasured
for life.

Galapagos The Spectacular Islands


Obviously, this island does not need any introduction.

The contribution of Galapagos in framing up of
Darwins The Theory Of Natural Selection is known
by all. If the travel bloggers and videographers
records are to be believed then people who set foot
here cry while leaving the island. It is very easy to fall
in love with the unique animals found nowhere else in
the world. Watching a hundred thousand varieties of
living beings existing peacefully without human
disturbances in the moonland type volcanic geography is once in a lifetime experience.

Bora Bora Island, Tahiti
Seclusion, luxury, nature and the horizon-less blue describes Bora Bora. It is the leading
destination of the French Polynesian cluster of island in South Pacic Ocean. If blue is a
word carelessly used by you to express stress then a visit to this island will change that perspective of yours forever. Turquoise is the colour which rules here with towering rainforests and iconic oating bunglows. Though considered a honeymooners hotspot Bora Bora
also oers a whole array of water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving.

Santorini, Greece


How can a list of spectacular Islands be complete

without Santorini! Santorini is actually an active
volcano perched in the sea. With amazing architecture and velvety wine it makes for aromantic holiday
destination. The orange and golden rays of the setting sun kissing the snow coloured houses hanging
from the clis in an uncannily ne-tuned rhythm is
like a poem by nature. A traveler cannot help but
wonder what it would be like to live here forever!

Maui, Hawaii, USA

When the small Hindu population of
Indonesia thought of nestling somewhere, they chose Bali. In Bali, Hindu-


ism is much more than just a religion, it

is a lifestyle, a disposition which is hard
to ignore. Warm locals ecient in
skilled craftsmanship can teach you
lots of new things. Get enthralled by
interesting temples and out of the
world mythological tales. Experience
the unique essence of the Balinese
people and make a memory to be
treasured for life.


It is perfectly understandable if you visit Seychelles and refuse to return ever! Captivating pristine white sand beaches and trickling azure water will stupefy you for days. The
feel of the soft sands here is something unique which is found in no other part of the
world. Ecotourism is in vogue and there is endless option for those who want to
splurge. Environmental restrictions are very strictly followed in this tiny island country
and its rich biodiversity is responsibly preserved.





How do you perceive fashion and style, what

impact does it form in terms of Jewellery?
Fashion itself is a popular style, that can vary
in dierent manners but yes in terms of Jewelry it enhance the beauty of adorning ones
self by his or her choice of aesthetic. In the
current age everyone loves to wear jewelry
whether a women or a man, from wearable
functional jewelry to non-wearable jewelry as
sculpture aesthetic attracts the eye of
beholder and this is what I believe in while
creating every design whether its a part of
my commercial jewelry or conceptual Jewelry.
What inspired you to become a Jewelry
My drawings always triggered me to commu-

Who is your ideal guru in Jewelry Design

nicate through intricate and minimal motifs;


therefore I found jewelry as mini sculpture

I idealize Louis Cartier being a successful

that was my urge to explore mixed materials,

businessmen and Cartiers best ever Jewelry

gems and contemporary approach to revise

collections worth to educate anyone in this

the traditional designs into new forms.

led. Ren Lalique, Henry Dunay and above

all in conceptual jewelry of Salvador Dali with

How do you stay up to date with new trends?

his precious mini sculptural pieces always

For me the new forms are important for

been my center of attraction. But in tradi-

instance previously long earrings used to

tional Jewelry nothing can defeat the elegant,

wear even at a workplace but today the cus-

extravagant Mughal motifs , Nizams Jewelry

tomer is well aware for what to wear and

treasure made a great impact upon me to

when, that actually makes my life easier to

understand how I can revise the traditional

concentrate on design and its functionality

motifs with fusion of materials , imitation

besides that when I create the piece it sug-

Kundan with concave mirrors is one such

gests the customer by itself that what suits

example that is no less than the real kundan

them the best.

with gold.

What is the biggest challenge about being a jewellery designer?

Hmmm, well nothing but the ignorance of the customer who has worth to pay for an exclusive product but these days people buy whatever they like and especially the articial jewelry
is inn to attract every class. Yet I believe in design and creativity that attracts the client at any
cost and I think that would be a new trend to make a good market in the next few years. Strong
aesthetics always appeal good strength.

Kindly share with us what projects are you

Where do you see your label in the next 5

working on?


I has recently participated in Jun 2015 at the

Must be at an international platform where I

52nd Saint Marie aux Mines / Minerals &

can exhibit the exclusive culture art and aes-

Gems Show in Alsace, France. I am working

thetics of my land through my rich creativity

for conceptual jewelry titled Transmission

to adorn a good strength through contem-

-exhibition at Montpellier, France on 20th

porary Jewelry under the shed of my brand.

Oct 2015. It is an interesting installation of a

neck piece which is also used in my video art

Where would you like your career in this eld

as prop as well , in this regard I am not just

to lead you to?

exhibiting jewelry, in fact its an artwork that

I am establishing my brand at the moment to

will portray jewelry as sculpture. Coming up

a level where I would be able to provide the

next are exhibition of my brand Zil_ Jewelry &

best product with best design and best qual-

accessories and many more exciting art pro-

ity materials; therefore I have a strong


believe in myself after My God that hard

work and consistency always shine a new

Any special likings for a particular material or

sun for an achiever.

do you just choose out of what is available?

I am selective being aesthetically sound to

Is customers criticism any help in making

project the accurate material according to

creative designs?

the design that I create. But I always try to

Yes it does, in fact customer is the boss and

manage my customers need in terms of

in terms of adornment you cant force

budget. End of the day I have to make my

anyone to wear something without his or her

customer happy, therefore I give maximum

will. Customer is always right yet I also inter-

possibilities to my clients to choose the best

vene to assist my client to understand the

they like but this for customized Jewelry. The

best aesthetics and towards an aordable

manufactured articles are mainly in mixed

quality Jewelry piece.

materials. But above all I am maintaining the

quality of my product that is my major concern to give strength to precious gems.

Do you also aim for international exposure?

Ocourse I am already working on many projects at international platforms , yet the
base of my thoughts always enrich the understanding towards my lands rich culture, art
and heritage that always comes rst to project my work in front of the world. International or national exposure is nothing till the time one understands the dynamics
of its creativity and the purpose of projecting that work even if its jewelry.



Hollywood actress-director Angelina Jolie says she would be a stayat-home mother if she wasnt an actress. The Unbroken director
who has childrenMaddox, 14, Pax, 11, Zahara, 10, Shiloh, nine, and
seven-year-old twinsKnox and Vivienne with husband Brad Pitt
would love to spend more time with her six kids if she wasnt so busy
in front and behind the camera, reported Entertainment Tonight. I
think Id just be home being a mom more. I love being a mommy. I
love my kids so Id just stay home.
Meanwhile, the 40-year-old actress previously revealed her children
think she is a bit weird. They think Im weird. Well, alright, they
might. Maddox talks to me sometimes about writing as if he doesnt
think Im terrible at it and Vivienne is just happy Im a tiger in a panda
movie. But, ah, shes just a little one shes all sweet. I mean, there
are moments when I can be cool, but they like to mess with me. They
like to make fun of me. Im just little mommy.



There are various trends that have sprouted around the corner for a
modern kitchens cabinet. Kitchen is that space of the house where a
woman spends the maximum of her time.
Thus, such a place reects the level of her sophistication her grace ad
her homely ethics. Kitchen is the persona of her capabilities thus she
has to it up to the level.
Following are the types of kitchen cabinets that are IN in trends for
modern houses:
While conventional kitchen cabinets are still in style, however, there
are new modern cabinets that are sleek, glamorous, and dierent yet
very functional these include.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets by

Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath
Designers Belle Design Build
These cabinets are contemporary kitchen

These are sleek cabinets also referred as

cabinets which are made by the German

Adornus cabinets made by ADI supply.

designer Leicht .They are appealing and

They have frameless doors that add on to

very functional These cabinets have

the modern element of the cabinets. The

Supreme-deep drawers that are used for

cabinets base is surrounded by aluminum

storing bigger items like pitchers, soup

toe kick one which visually attracts the

pots and more of the kitchen ware.

user and the audience behind the scenes.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets by

Daytona Beach Cabinets & Cabinetry
ADI Supply

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets by Irvine Kitchen & Bath

Fixtures Leicht USA
This cabinet is made out of concrete. This is the unique feature for this kind of cabinet. It is
spacious and strong enough to hold heavy weighted pots and objects. This is for the use in
the commercial kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets by Falls Church

Kitchen & Bath Designers Pom KBF
Yes, these are the wooden cabinets you

This cabinet here is very easy to clean,

like the most. These cabinets also contain

handy to those who do not go for com-

their construction around the custom

plexities in choices. It has a sleek fold over

made acrylic, which is not only aestheti-

style. The color of the cabinet is also very

cally pleasing but also very much environ-

appealing. This cabinet has lacquered

ment friendly. The colors of this modern

nish. These kitchen cabinets are very

cabinet are customized.

beautiful and functional.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

by Calgary Design-Build Firms
Homes by Avi

So, these are the type of the modern cabinets that have been taking up the trend. These
are for sure a catch for the eye. Not only is the visually appealing but also have functional usage. These cabinets are spacious and are best for the kitchen of a modern
womans home. So, make the best of the cabinet choice and we hope have a good time
purchasing. Happy Cabineting!

Modern Kitchen Cabinets by Miami

Kitchen & Bath Designers EVAA
International, Inc.
This cabinet feels very homely and

They are constructed on a rift-cut white

organic which apparently contrast with

oak with chic bronzed metal legs. It has a

the modern image of the cabinet, yet

traditional feel by the application of the

these are the characteristics of the cabi-

white paint surrounding the perimeter of

net. It has a very Italian feel through its

the cabinet.


Modern Kitchen Cabinets by

Richmond Kitchen & Bath Designers
Citation Kitchens

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